In Doctor Strange, the titular sorcerer isn't the only one who winds up getting his mind expanded by The Ancient One. The brand new Marvel blockbuster not only introduces the concept of magic to the popular cinematic universe, but also examines the idea that our known reality is just one of an infinite number -- a concept known as the multiverse theory. It's an idea that has been used in fiction and especially comics for a long time, but Doctor Strange merely scratches the surface as far as possibilities go for the future of the franchise.

If you're looking for a full explanation as to exactly what the multiverse is and how it works, we recommend clicking over HERE; but for an exploration as to how the Marvel Cinematic Universe can full take advantage of the awesome scientific concept, we recommend you read on!

Have more substantial dimension jumping

Doctor Strange gave us a taste of characters jumping through multiple dimensions, but most of the movie is set on the normal Earth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What I'm talking about here is the idea of entire plots being built around the idea of heroes visiting and exploring alternate worlds -- where things may be just slightly changed or completely different from normal. Comic book fans got to see some of this in the second season of the Flash television show in 2015, with the introduction of "Earth 2," but some sci-fi fans will note that this was the entire premise behind the cult 1990s show Sliders. With the help of Doctor Strange's sling ring, it would be fantastic to watch heroes explore universes other than their own (perhaps even ours).

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