What Ezra Miller Thinks Of The Flash Losing Another Director

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For moviegoers, it often feels like blockbusters are created with great ease. And while some projects may fall together easily, the majority of films have setbacks along the way. The upcoming DC Extended Universe installment The Flash is definitely the latter, as it has been a rocky road for the still developing movie. The internet nearly exploded when it was revealed that Ezra Miller's solo Flash movie has lost yet another director in Rick Famuyiwa. The money and opportunities associated with major superhero movies is something that most director would jump at, and the fact that two directors have jumped ship is troubling and puzzling. But the Scarlet Speedster himself doesn't seem too concerned.

Ezra Miller recently sat down with the good folks at Nerdist to speak about his role in the upcoming Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. When asked about Rick Famuyiwa's departure from The Flash, Miller said the following:

[I feel] sad, a little sad. Love Rick, but super grateful for all the work he has done. And trust the process, you know what I mean? I trust these processes. I think from a distance, observing the processes of a production of the film can seem--I dunno--interpersonal, or dramatic. But it's actually just these are groups of people working to make a piece of art together. And you know, things work out. Things don't work out. I definitely feel like ultimately things will work out. I'm extremely excited about The Flash. It's funny. We've had sort of this tragic relay race of the passing of the baton of this project. But it feels like each person who has won the race has brought something really special to it, which I think will ultimately be in the work we create.

Well, that's certainly a good perspective. The movie will get made, and both past directors will indeed influence the final product.

Ezra Miller makes a pretty solid point about the business we call show. In the early stages of a film's development, things remain very fluid. The cast, crew, and creative team is still being assembled, and changes can happen quickly. It's only when a director or star departs a project that it becomes front page news. And since The Flash had already lost a director in Seth Grahame- Smith, it seemed like the sky was falling for the movie.

And the bottom line is that The Flash is one of the most likable heroes in the DC universe. Ezra Miller's casting is spot on, and he'll surely bring a youth and naivety to a DCEU that has overall been pretty somber. So while the director of the movie is still up in the air, Miller's star power and fantastic acting abilities will ensure that The Flash ends up being great.

You can catch Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/The Flash in Justice League, which will run into theaters November 17th, 2017.

Corey Chichizola
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