Harrison Ford And Carrie Fisher Had An Affair On The Set Of Star Wars, Because Of Course They Did

Sometimes when playing a couple dancing around the subject of love, a little bit of method acting ends up playing a part of the equation. Which totally explains how Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford played Han and Leia's courtship so perfectly, as Fisher admitted that she and her Star Wars co-star engaged in a three month tryst during the making of the sci-fi classic. Considering the end result we come to know as their corner of the Star Wars universe, it's not hard to believe.

Fisher's admission came from an excerpt out of her latest book, The Princess Diarist, which was hightlighted courtesy of an item that ran in People. During the 1975 shoot for Star Wars, the two had gotten extremely cozy after George Lucas' birthday party, and kept going for three months after. Speaking to the experience she had with her on and off screen love interest, Fisher had this to say:

It was so intense. It was Han and Leia during the week, and Carrie and Harrison during the weekend.

Statements like that are what fuel tell-all memoirs like The Princess Diarist, as well as a couple hot and heavy rounds of fan fiction writing on the internet. While Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford certainly weren't the first, or last, on-set lovers that the world has seen, the confirmation of their relationship has probably helped a couple fans collect on specific decades-old wagers on whether the two were or weren't an item at any point. Even now, as we're discussing the details of their affair between colleagues, there's one infamous Star Wars scene that's replaying in your brain.

The Empire Strikes Back Han Leia Falcon

After hearing that Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford actually did have an attraction they indulged in on the set of Star Wars, it confirms that their kiss in The Empire Strikes Back was a pretty authentic artifact of a connection that once existed. Alas, it was a relationship that wasn't meant to be, as after three months their relationship broke apart amicably. Though even if there was more steam in the fire between them, Ford was married to late ET screenwriter Melissa Matheson at the time, with whom he had two children at that moment. Sorry to tarnish the story for you Solo lovers out there, but think of it this way: it only bolstered their performances as the estranged lovers in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

If you're interested in some more details from the diaries of a 19-year-old Carrie Fisher, you can read The Princess Diarist, which was released on November 22nd. You can also catch Carrie Fisher in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which she completed before her tragic death.

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