Iron Man Got The Logan Trailer Treatment, And It’s Heartbreaking

Over the last few weeks, one of the most popular activities among amateur editors has been the act of recreating the Logan trailer with other iconic heroes. Its minimalism makes it incredibly easy to recreate, while maintaining its strong emotional punch. We've seen this done for a ton of different Marvel and DC heroes, but the Iron Man version that just hit the web might actually be the best. Check it out below.

Using familiar footage from pretty much every single Marvel Cinematic Universe film where Iron Man pops up, that trailer creates a heartbreaking narrative for the MCU's first hero. Following Stark's journey from self-absorbed arms dealer to damaged hero, Johnny Cash's "Hurt" booms in the background as the character faces off against all of his worst enemies. As the music picks up, we see the battles get more in more intense, and his friends slowly leave him, until Tony is left alone and despondent.

If Robert Downey Jr. decides to sign on for one more Iron Man movie, then we think this tone and style would really be the perfect way to send off his version of Tony Stark. Unlike most superheroes, Iron Man really leans into ideas like self-hatred and self-destruction. He's generally known for his drinking habits, and his tendency to push people away. Given the events at the climax of Captain America: Civil War, it wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility to seem Marvel finally take on the classic Demon in a Bottle storyline.

Iron Man Demon In A Bottle

Ultimately, such a decision would probably be in Marvel's best interest. Although nobody is ever going to accuse the studio of skimping on storytelling, they haven't delved too far into truly dark territory lately. Captain America: Civil War touched upon some of Stark's deep-seated issues, and we think he's the best possible character for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to utilize in the creation of some more somber material. Who knows, maybe they could even give Iron Man an R-rating for his final silver screen outing.

Whether or not we will ever actually see an Iron Man movie that looks and feels like this Logantrailer remains to be seen. Regardless, we have to admit that this is one of the most beautiful Logan recreations we have seen yet. Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to re-watch this fan trailer again and again for the rest of the weekend; you should do the same.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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