We reported a few weeks back that DC Entertainment, in celebration of reaching 1 million subscribers to its official YouTube channel, plans on hosting a full-day live stream of its DC All Access show on Friday, September 2. DC All Access, in the past, tends to focus on comic books and video games, but with so much happening on the DC front on television and in the movies, we also figure that news for potential TV and film properties could be announced as part of the all-day event.

On that note, a Reddit user claiming to have access to the DCEU's upcoming plans took to the Web to post a LOT of information ahead of the Sept. 2 event. Naturally, once the fans turned up the heat, the post was removed from Reddit -- which could mean that it's crap, but could also mean that people in power strong armed the user and demanded it be taken down before the real news could drop on Sept. 2. Thankfully, the folks over at ScreenGeek grabbed the details that they say could arrive during the DCEU all-access event, and they ran through the key beats.

It goes without saying that, for now, all of these are rumors that may or may not come true -- and they are LOADED with spoilers for upcoming DCEU properties. Even if they turn out to be false, there's enough information in here about movies we can confirm are happening that you might not want to keep reading if you hate spoilers. I'm about to dive deep into what was revealed on Reddit, so bail out now if you want to stay pure on the future of the DCEU. Ready?

The Man of Steel 2 Villain

Less than a month ago, we ran with a report that DC was pushing forward with a tradition sequel to Man of Steel, giving Superman his spotlight (instead of asking him to once again share the screen with Batman, or the full Justice League). According to the leaked report, Man of Steel 2 will drop in 2020, and they will NOT use the name Superman anywhere in the title. Brainiac will be the villain, and he'll be the result of Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) using alien tech to enhance existing LexOS. The report says that the Man of Steel sequel could introduce secondary characters like Supergirl and/or Superboy. They also say that DC is trying to recruit the likes of J.J. Abrams and Duncan Jones to direct the film ... which sounds crazy, until you remember that J.J. Abrams once almost directed a Superman movie called Flyby. Maybe he'd like another crack at it?

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