All The Superhero Movies Coming In 2017

2017 is going to be a hell of a year at the movies, with a lot of options being available to the general moviegoing public. But if you're more interested in superhero films than anything else, then the options can be quite overwhelming when trying to pick out your most important flicks of the year. We've decided to provide you with a cheat sheet solely made of the superhero films that will be released in 2017.

So if you're uber selective with the films you're looking to partake in during 2017, you may want to bookmark this listing. Keep in mind, release dates are subject to change, though as is the nature with these sorts of films, their tentpole status leaves them more than likely anchored in their spots. Time to stop crime and save the world with the following super-powered films heading to our screens throughout next year.

The LEGO Batman Movie

The Lego Batman Movie

Starting the superhero season of 2017 is none other than Warner Bros' The Lego Batman Movie. A more comedic turn on the Batman mythos, this film owes part of its existence to the success of The Lego Movie, and the other part to the enduring popularity of Batman. With Will Arnett reprising his role as the Caped Crusader, Michael Cera and Ralph Fiennes playing Robin and Alfred respectively, and Zach Galifianakis bringing up the rear as The Joker, you can tell that this is going to be no ordinary Bat-film... and we're excited for that.

Release Date: 02/10/17

Logan Hugh Jackman


After years of scheming, dreaming, and hoping, Logan is going to deliver on a long awaited dream that Wolverine fans have had for some time: Logan's gonna get R-rated on some villainous ass. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost, as it's the last X-Men film that will feature Hugh Jackman in the titular role, with Patrick Stewart keeping him company as Professor X. Still, if a poignant and gritty superhero film is the one to close out their tenure in Fox's Marvel Universe, then you can't blame them for saving the (potential) best for last.

Release Date: 03/03/17

Power Rangers

Power Rangers

While not a traditional superhero project, Saban's Power Rangers are in fact super-powered heroes. So, by technicality, they belong on this list. While faithful fans of the 90's incarnation of the project may blanch at the prospect of a more modern reboot, it is a good chance for old school fans to connect with the next generation. Not to mention Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston, and Bill Hader are all involved in this modern retelling, so how bad could it really be?

Release Date: 03/24/17

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

You've been waiting for this movie since the closing credits of Guardians of the Galaxy ran through your eyes in 2014, so putting Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on your watchlist is as easy as breathing. With Star Lord (Chris Pratt) and his intergalactic family being complemented by some new additions to the team, James Gunn looks ready to rock and roll through another battle between good and evil throughout the stars. Start dreaming up your picks for what's going to be on "Awesome Mix Vol. 2," accordingly, because we are hooked on this feeling.

Release Date: 05/05/17

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

DC Comics and Warner Bros have been having a bit of a problem with their cinematic universe, as both Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad have basically been acknowledged as flawed products that purposely trimmed themselves for "extended cuts" of varying effectiveness. Yet there's still some hope that next summer's Wonder Woman could be the film that gets the DCU on track again at the movies. Time to cross all of our fingers, toes, and eyes as we'll be hoping for quite some time, just to make sure the job gets done.

Release Date: 06/02/17

Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming

If you thought Marvel was without its own problems in the superhero movie business, you've probably forgotten about the two Amazing Spider-Man movies that Sony put into theaters. Should that be the case, we're sorry to have opened old wounds, however the imminent arrival of Spider-Man: Homecoming should more than ease the pain. With Tom Holland already proving himself worthy of the web with his introduction in Captain America: Civil War, this film's not only a no-brainer, it's one more step towards a unified Marvel universe, as Spidey finally swings into the MCU.

Release Date: 07/07/17



While Inhumans is more of a television project than a film franchise, the fact that it's being co-financed and screened in IMAX has its place on this list secured. For those of you fans who were worried about Marvel's removal of this film off of their cinematic universe schedule, your fears were unfounded. Also, if you've been looking for another fix of Marvel TV after Agent Carter's untimely cancellation, this is your chance to scratch that itch. Though whether Vin Diesel will be involved or not is another story.

Release Date: 09/01/17

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok

It's surprising how many superhero projects in 2017 come from broken or flawed franchises. Thor: Ragnarok is certainly part of that train of thought, as a case could be made that the adventures of the Odinson could be considered the most problematic Marvel franchise that's got a sequel to its name. Yet the dream team of director Taika Watiti and Chris Hemsworth inspires more than enough confidence that the third outing in the series could be the one that really gives this outstanding character his due in a solo film.

Release Date: 11/03/17

Justice League

Justice League

If there's one superhero film that fans are afraid of, it's more than likely going to be Zack Snyder's Justice League team-up. With an increasingly long list of characters, which reminds fans of the overstuffed Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, we can't help but share those fears. Still, Ezra Miller's Flash and Jason Momoa's Aquaman do go a long way to quelling some of these worries, and that Comic Con trailer did look pretty impressive. So count us in with a cautious level of optimism.

Release Date: 11/17/17

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