International Logan Trailer Has New Scenes, More Violence

Logan Stabs A Dude In The Head

As is sometimes the case, a big Hollywood movie will cut a separate trailer aimed at international audiences, because they tend to be a little more tolerant of questionable content versus those of us in the States. Take, for instance, Logan -- the third Wolverine movie and the last one starring Hugh Jackman. It dropped a U.S. trailer (which looked AMAZING). Then, it followed up with an International trailer, that was very similar, but had one or two scenes that... really stood out.

Did you get to the moment yet? Likely, you were surfing along, thinking, "This is exactly like the trailer we got in the U.S.! Why did Fox even bother to cut this trailer. It's the exact same... oh, wait. That's a new scene. OH MY GOD, LOGAN!! That's dude's head!" It looked like this:

And there, my friends, is further proof that Logan is going after its R rating, the first film in the X-Men franchise to embrace adult content and seek the R rating from the MPAA.

The rest of the trailer for James Mangold's Logan is similar to the U.S. version, establishing the fact that Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) now occupy a desolate future, where mutants no longer exist. We know that's not going to be the case forever, and sure enough, a young girl comes into contact with Xavier and, eventually, Wolvie. This, we believe, will be X23, a mutant spun off and cloned of Logan who shares his mutant power and even has her own versions of his claws. This is her kicking these dude's asses, right?

X23 in Wolverine

The rest has to do with Wolverine, who likely is going on one final rodeo in a standalone story that's played like a Western (at least in this first trailer). The use of Johnny Cash brilliantly sets the bleak atmosphere, and Jackman wears the aging makeup to show that, with a depleted healing factor, our mutant anti-hero is in a bad spot. Can the act of saving X23 redeem Wolverine for all that he has done in his life?

Hugh Jackman

Logan opens in theaters on March 3, 2017. We have see two trailers now, and a LOT of social media sharing. What do you think of the movie so far?

Sean O'Connell
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