New Batman Video Shows How Many Fighting Styles Batfleck Used In Batman v Superman

Batman has a reputation for being amazing at pretty much everything... well, except mourning. He's an excellent driver, a genius tactician, the world's greatest detective, and -- perhaps the most useful -- he's a master of several different forms of combat. Batman knows more than one way to kick a butt, and that holds true in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. In arguably the best scene in the film, Batman beats the crap out of a number of goons in a warehouse, and this YouTube video points out all the forms of martial arts he utilizes in the short scene.

When Martha Kent is kidnapped by Lex Luthor and held hostage in a warehouse, Batman arrives to save her and he takes out a number of goons to make it happen. The scene is brutal and fast, with Batman taking out the henchmen with flashy blink-and-you-miss-it strikes. YouTuber Adrian Acevedo-Smith has studied the infamous warehouse scene frame by frame and deciphered what style of martial arts Batman was using based on the particular strike. By Adrian's estimation, Batman uses no less than 10 forms of martial arts in a scene that is roughly four minutes long.

In the scene, Batman utilizes forms like Judo, Ninjitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga, and good old fashioned boxing, which, all combined, make for a devastating fighting style. It doesn't seem like Batman favors one style over the other and instead flows through them all with the smoothness of an Arkham video game. The Dark Knight simply whips out whatever punch or kick he needs based on what the situation demands.

Kudos to the Dawn of Justice choreography and stunt team for making such a surprisingly nuanced fight scene. The scene itself is only four minutes long, but it contains so much action and Adrian's video only highlights how much care and specificity they put into it. The rest of the film's action is certainly bombastic, but those scenes don't have quite the same punch as the warehouse fight.

The warehouse scene is the best demonstration of Batfleck's combat abilities, which is a little odd given that the movie is called Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. That title brawl is really more of a slugfest, though, with Batman opting for more basic power blows than the finesse he demonstrates in the video above. While Batman V Superman has many faults, you can't argue that it didn't produce the most action oriented Batman on film yet.

If that kind of fighting is what a rusty Batman can do, then I can't wait to see the kind of damage he can do when Justice League rolls around on November 1, 2017, or in his more grounded solo film, The Batman.

Matt Wood

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