Lin-Manuel Miranda Has Ambitious Plans For The Kingkiller Chronicles Trilogy

The Kingkiller Chronicles

Lin-Manuel Miranda has become one of the biggest names in entertainment following the success of his musical Hamilton. He's now going to be using that star power to bring one of his own favorite works to the screen, both big and small. Today it has been revealed that Miranda will be working alongside author Patrick Rothfuss to produce both feature film adaptations, and an accompanying TV series, based on The Kingkiller Chronicles.

According to a story from The Wrap, The Kingkiller Chronicles will be produced as a movie trilogy, making up the two existing novels The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear, along with the as yet unpublished third novel. In addition, there is a planned TV series that will be designed to tell additional stories within the world, though possibly not specifically dealing with the same elements as the novels.

The Kingkiller Chronicles takes place in a fantasy world and revolves around a man named Kvothe. Kvothe is one of the most legendary, and notorious, figures who has ever lived. When he is discovered by a chronicler managing a simple tavern under an assumed name in the middle of nowhere the chronicler convinces his him to tell his story, his real story. Kvothe eventually relents and promises to give the writer three days to hear the tale. Each novel in the trilogy makes up one-third of the story, each told over a single day.

Music is a huge part of The Kingkiller Chronicles as Kvothe is brought up as a traveling performer. His lute is his one constant companion. It appears that this is where Lin-Manuel Miranda will come in, as he will be writing original music for the films. Miranda has previously stated what an influence that Patrick Rothfuss' books have been on his own music. In fact, one of the songs in Hamilton can be directly attributed to a scene from The Name of the Wind.

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This isn't the only passion project that Lin-Manuel Miranda is currently involved in. He'll also be involved in Disney's live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid. Miranda named his son Sebastian, after the crab from the original animated feature.

This appears to be the perfect combination of talents. Fans of The Kingkiller Chronicles would want another fan to be part of making sure that the books get properly adapted for the screen. There may not be a bigger fan who is a bigger talent.

Are you excited to hear that The Kingkiller Chronicles is coming to the screen, or are you happier to know that if the movies are coming, that hopefully means the third novel is closer to being a reality?

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