What Sacha Baron Cohen’s Next Crazy Comedy Will Be About

Sacha Baron Cohen

When it comes to craziness in comedies, you probably won't find any that are crazier than the ones made by Sacha Baron Cohen. Cohen has never been afraid to "go there" with his spoofs and observations. Sacha Baron Cohen has got his next project lined up, and it sounds like another doozy for the controversial comedian. He's been a dictator, a foreigner exploring America, and whatever Bruno was, but now Sacha Baron Cohen will be taking on the capitalist elite.

As per Deadline, Fox Searchlight is on the verge of buying a new film from Sacha Baron Cohen, which will see the comedian star in the lead role. Reportedly, the film will be a "satirical take on the world of the super-rich with Baron Cohen playing a cut-throat retail billionaire." The plot and other characters are being understandably kept under wraps, but word on the street is that the role is inspired by the larger than life spending styles of the wealthy elite and the "perma-tanned billionaire businessmen" who don't bat an eye with ripping people off. Given Cohen's style, don't expect any pulled punches from this one.

This is the sort of project that sounds right up Sacha Baron Cohen's alley. The comedian has always aimed for over the top in his films, and the lavish lifestyles of the rich give him the perfect outlet to embrace that. In terms of tone and style, we can probably expect something in line with if The Big Short took acid and somehow woke up naked.

The untitled project will be directed by Michael Winterbottom, who has some experience making films analyzing the upper class. He directed a 2015 documentary called The Emperor's New Clothes, which starred Russell Brand and examined the financial inequality between corrupt bankers rarely punished for their crimes and the struggling working class. One would imagine that Cohen's film will take a lighter approach, though. Winterbottom also has experience directing comedy, having been the director of The Trip and its sequels, The Trip to Italy and the upcoming The Trip to Spain.

Sacha Baron Cohen has made his name with controversial comedy films. The comedian is the mind behind Borat, Bruno, The Dictator, and most recently, The Brothers Grimsby. The writer/actor has also made appearances in more tempered films like Les Miserables, Hugo, and Alice Through the Looking Glass. Never one to play the safe route, you can bet that Cohen's new film won't look very favorably upon the rich.

The film currently has no title or other stars attached. The film also has no release date, so keep checking back in with CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated with more information as it becomes available.

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