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The Rock’s About To Break Some Dude’s Leg On The Jumanji Set

The original Jumanji was mostly a family film who's action was limited to running from wild beasts. It appears the new version is going to be a tad more action oriented, based on what The Rock is set to do to this poor stuntman. Dwayne Johnson sent out a pair of images on social media recently showing his prep for a major fight scene tat will have him breaking one guy's leg, while throwing another through concrete.

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While we're used to seeing images of The Rock and a bunch of stuntmen for a scene in a Fast & Furious movie, it's not exactly what we were expecting in Jumanji. While we didn't think the reboot/sequel would be utterly without action, we weren't envisioning straight up fight scenes. Of course, if we really think about it, based on what we know about Jumanji, it isn't that surprising.

While details are vague, it has been confirmed that this version of Jumanji will not be based on a board game, which was the focus of the Robin Williams version, but instead will focus on a video game version of the game title. While video games have certainly come a long way over the decades, the vast majority of titles still ultimately focus on violence as their primary form of conflict. As such, seeing The Rock fighting off waves of enemies makes perfect sense. It's exactly what would happen in a video game. The Rock even makes reference to the video game nature of this encounter in a follow-up post.

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At the end of the post, Dwayne Johnson says he "must run away now to preserve my health." Clearly, his comment comes from the fact that the character he will be playing is actually a video game avatar, being played by another character in the film. As somebody who just completed a major role playing game myself, I know all about having to escape from a fight when you realize you're outmatched. We're guessing if The Rock's health gets too low he'll have some sort of magic potion he can drink in order to get back up to full health. Hopefully he has the gold to afford one.

The Rock will be joined by Kevin Hart and Jack Black, as well as Karen Gillan, who's Tomb Raider-esque outfit certainly makes a lot more sense based on the video game setup. Does seeing this sort of action make you more interested in Jumanji? The movie is set for release next holiday season.

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