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Fast 8 is coming, though for die-hard fans (myself included), it can't get here soon enough. Ever since James Wan managed to course correct and keep the franchise on track following the loss of Paul Walker, we have been eager to see who the Fast & Furious franchise would risk and stretch as it expanded on the mythology of these core characters. And now we know WHEN the first official trailer for Fast 8 is poised to drop, and in getting to that spot, Universal also shared this heartfelt and serious skip through the history of the series, and the family it has established. Watch this until the end, where you'll get your first glimpse at footage from Fast 8:

I know Vin Diesel regularly talks about the Academy Awards potential of the Fast & Furious franchise, and seeing how important they take themselves in that clip, I'm beginning to think the whole cast is on board with that assessment. What started as a silly cars-and-bikinis toss-off series has evolved into a dependable, exaggerated but endlessly entertaining tentpole franchise that's rooted in the power of family (and the boundless imagination of a team of stunt professionals). As the above clip points out, the cast and crew of the Fast & Furious movies have spread their reputation around the globe with pitstops in L.A., Rio and Abu Dhabi. This time out, they're heading to New York City... and that's where the cast will gather for a Facebook Live event that will culminate with the Fast 8 trailer.

At the tail end of the above reel, we do get our first real footage from Fast 8, showing a few shots of new villain Cypher (Charlize Theron) as well as a two-shot of her with Vin Diesel's Toretto. And they don't look angry. Are they collaborating? We know that the cast will be globetrotting once again, and this feature gives us very quick shots of filming in Cuba:

Fast 8

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As well as filming in Iceland:

Iceland Fast 8

But we want to see full scenes from Fast 8. We're going to have to wait until Sunday, December 11. Fast 8 is being directed by F. Gary Gray. It brings back the bulk of the original cast, from Vin Diesel and The Rock to Tyrese and Michelle Rodriguez. It also features newcomers such as Charlize Theron, Scott Eastwood and Helen Mirren, of all people. The movie hits on April 14, 2017, but keep it locked here for that trailer when it drops in less than a week.

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