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Ryan Reynolds Got The Most Retweeted Gif Of 2016, According To Twitter

As if Ryan Reynolds wasn't already having a hell of a year riding on the back of the success of Deadpool, the superstar also scored some internet immortality. Out of all the hilarious GIFs that have been re-tweeted on Twitter, there's one above all that was the most popular, and it was shared by Reynolds himself. What is this almighty tweet of tweets that has made the Twittersphere embrace its message? You can see for yourself below.

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Leave it to Ryan Reynolds to take to his Twitter feed to not only help his lovely wife Blake Lively promote her summer blockbuster The Shallows, but also to crack a joke at the expense of their relationship. Of course, in true Reynolds form, the gag's on him, as his self deprecating eye was turned inward with this setup. Considering that Lively's shark picture made about $119 million internationally, with a $17 million budget, it's safe to say that the tweet wishes for the film's success worked.

The prolific nature of Ryan Reynolds' social media presence is not only a force for snark though, as he's also done some pretty wonderful and heartfelt things with it. Earlier this year, Reynolds paid tribute to Connor McGrath, a late Deadpool superfan he'd become fast friends with through the Make-A-Wish foundation. And just yesterday, he tweeted some praise for Margo Martindale, to celebrate her performance in this year's indie offering, The Hollars. But as you'll see below, the snark is still strong even when Ryan Reynolds is cheering on his colleagues.

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If Ryan Reynolds' Twitter feed really is the holy grail, then he and his wife would benefit from his golden touch in the near future. Between Reynolds' upcoming sci-fi film, Life, and Blake Lively's vow to shape up after the birth of their second child, there's no shortage of personal projects in the Reynolds / Lively household that could use some positive reinforcement. Lucky for the world at large, it doesn't look like Reynolds' supply of snark will be running out any time soon.

Life will take its bow in theaters on its new release date, March 24, 2017, while The Shallows is currently on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

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