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Crossovers are one of the major things that have made the Marvel Cinematic Universe such a joy to watch. Unfortunately, there are some crossovers that are almost guaranteed to never happen. Even if they totally should. As it happens, James Gunn and Vincent D'Onofrio are huge fans of each other. D'Onofrio would really like to be part of any Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 were it to happen, but James Gunn has an even better idea that we love.

As James Gunn says in his tweet, maybe they should just do something else, because Kingpin vs Baby Groot is just about the least likely MCU crossover to ever happen. First and foremost there's the Marvel movie vs TV problem that has thus far kept any of the members of Marvel's television series out of the movies. There are simply so many moving parts that it's nearly impossible to get the schedules of the two things in the proper sync. Add to that the fact that the two entities are run through different chains of command, and it's entirely possible that we'll never see a Marvel TV character in the movies.

On top of that, putting these two together would just be the most tonally dissonate thing we can think of. Daredevil is on of Marvel's darkest series while Guardians of the Galaxy is a much lighter film. We can't even imagine what a character like Kingpin would be thinking when confronted with Baby Groot. His brain would explode. So would ours.


At the same time, of course, we want to see it. We love Vincent D'Onofrio and James Gunn too and would love to see them work together. Of course, there's nothing that says that we can't see D'Onofrio in a future Guardians movie as some other character. As well established as the Kingpin may be, Marvel has previously said that the same actor getting cast in more than one role is still a possibility. We've even seen the likes of Alfre Woodard get cast in different roles within Marvel TV and movies. Her film role was essentially a cameo, but still. It could happen.

We'd love to see Vincent O'Onofrio in the next Guardians of the Galaxy because he's an excellent actor, he can be the Kingpin or he can be somebody else. We don't really care. You know Marvel comics occasionally does "What If?" stories that look at potential changes to the Marvel universe. How about a series of shorts that put random characters together outside of the established canon? Kingpin vs. Baby Groot sounds like a great place to start.

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