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There are plenty of aspects of the DC Extended Universe to take issue with these days, but nobody will ever again complain about the decision to bring Ben Affleck on board as Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman. Initially a controversial decision, the actor has definitively proven that he has what it takes to play The Dark Knight, and he will soon put his own distinct filmmaking prowess to the test when his solo Batman movie enters production this spring. It's a moment that has Bat fans cautiously optimistic, and Ben Affleck has assured fans that he takes the responsibility incredibly seriously. The actor explained:

I'm not going to write and direct anything that I don't think is good enough to be made. I'm definitely going to make sure I have something that is special---there's not enough money in the world to make a mediocre version of Batman worth it.

Ben Affleck recently spoke to EW about his upcoming solo Batman movie, and provided assurance that he has done everything in his power to make it the best film possible. With the movie currently slated to begin production this spring, Affleck will do everything necessary to ensure that the film is as good as it can possibly be. The silver screen legacy of the character goes back decades and is full of iconic moments and performances; to do anything less than excellent would be a disservice to the hero.

Ben Affleck Batman

At this point we feel inclined to believe Ben Affleck. Although the solo Batman movie has been kept relatively under wraps at this point, everything that we have learned about the movie promises an awesome DC adventure. With a "villain-heavy" storyline -- fronted by Joe Manganiello's Deathstroke -- the film will reportedly dig deep into the Batman lore in unprecedented ways. If Affleck can balance the number of personalities present within the film, and avoid the pitfalls of other recent superhero movies (please, no portal in the sky) then we could potentially have the definitive Batman story on our hands.

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There is plenty to get excited about when it comes to Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie. Between his successes with films like Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and Argo (as well as the insane level of hype surrounding Live By Night) the guy is very clearly on a hot streak right now. Beyond that, his two forays into the DCEU have thus far received near-universal acclaim. Regardless of the issues that plagued Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, critics and audiences have pretty much entirely praised Affleck's portrayal of The Dark Knight.

CinemaBlend will bring you any and all relevant details related to the upcoming Batman solo movie as more information becomes available. The film begins production this spring.

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