Wonder Woman Will Wield A Powerful New Weapon In Her Solo Film

Galg Gadot Wonder Woman

It's no secret that Wonder Woman is one of the most powerful heroes in existence. She's one of the DC universe's best fighters, and she can even go toe-to-toe with Superman if she has to. As a badass heroine who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, Diana Prince always carries some of the coolest weapons into combat, and a newly released photo from her upcoming solo movie shows her stealing the God Killer sword from her home in Themyscira. Things are clearly about to get bloody.

EW has just released a new official photo from Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman, and it showcases the titular hero stealing what appears to be the God Killer before venturing out to fight in WWI alongside Chris Pine's Steve Trevor. The scene depicted in the photo is an enormous jumping off point for Diana, as shows the moment towards the end of the film's first act in which she finally decides to do something about the chaos and carnage that she has heard about from Trevor. It's a moment of disobedience, and it will send Diana on her greatest personal adventure.

The God Killer is an iconic piece of weaponry in the DC lore. Not only does it have a special place among the Amazonian mythology, but it has also been wielded by a number of heroes and villains over the years. It definitely lives up to its name, as it has the ability to cause physical harm to seemingly immortal beings. Deathstroke has become particularly noted for his use of the powerful blade, which means that it may have some serious significance in the future of the DCEU.

It's worth noting that this appears to be the first time that the God Killer sword has popped up in the DCEU. Two different swords appear in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice -- the one used by Wonder Woman to fight Doomsday, and the fake "Blade of Alexander" that Diana and Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) look at together when they dance at a party -- but neither of these swords resemble the God Killer in any significant fashion; the hilts are noticeably different. This seems to indicate that the God Killer is either going to disappear at some point during the events of Wonder Woman (possibly falling into the hands of Joe Manganiello's Slade Wilson) or Diana will eventually return it to its rightful place in her homeland before adopting a newer personal weapon.

How the God Killer sword specifically factors into the narrative of Wonder Woman remains to be seen, but we have a feeling that it is going to lead to some truly awesome action set pieces. Wonder Woman will slash its way into theaters on June 2, 2017. Stay tuned for more details!

Take a look at the most recent trailer for Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman on the next page for an even closer look at Diana Prince's upcoming solo adventure in the DCEU!

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