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Chewbacca’s Rendition Of Silent Night Is Just What Star Wars Fans Need For The Holidays

During the holiday season, we here at CinemaBlend aren't just focused on the cinematic offerings the world has to offer, we're also about spreading the holiday cheer. And for all of you Star Wars fans out there, we have just the Christmas-themed pick me up you've been looking for. Behold, the esteemed Chewbacca: friend of Han Solo; distinguished soldier in the Rebel Alliance; and now major recording star, as he's given us his rendition of "Silent Night." Andrea Bocelli, watch out, because Chewie's making a run at your singing career, in the video below.

You can thank the fine folks at How It Should Have Ended for providing this holiday novelty, as it looks like they've taken footage from all of the classic Star Wars films and cobbled them together into a cohesive first verse of the classic Christmas carol. While the actual content may not match up to whatever the Shyriiwook translation of Silent Night is, it definitely matches the sound of it. In fact, it's actually pretty funny to watch, particularly with the added bits of dialogue and recognizing the scenes that the noises were taken from. Apparently, there are certain notes a Wookiee can only sing when he's captured as a ruse to ensnare Jabba the Hutt.

Though perhaps the funniest piece of the video, and parents, hide your kids before we talk about this one, is the fact that Santa is none other than Jabba himself! While this poses a lot of questions, involving how he'd fit in the sleigh, how many Salacious Crumbs it would take to pull said sleigh into the air, and what Santa Hutt gives to naughty kids, it's a great button to another piece of Star Wars Christmas merriment. However, we're not sure if Chewbacca's "Silent Night" beats that other Christmas classic involving Wookiees and gift giving.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is in theaters now, and while that film is sadly Wookiee-less, it's still well worth your time. Those of you waiting for some new Wookiee footage will have to wait until next December's release of Star Wars: Episode VIII, which is set for December 15, 2017.

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