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This Force Awakens Deleted Scene With Carrie Fisher Shows Leia At Her Best

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2016 is the year that just won't quit. This year has included a ton of celebrity deaths, with icons like Gene Wilder and David Bowie unexpectedly passing away, devastating their droves of fans. Many believed that singer George Michael would be 2016's final loss, but then we were hit with another saddening death. Star Wars legend Carrie Fisher unfortunately passed away after suffering an in-flight heart attack. But her spirit lives on with her many fans, as well as an amusing deleted scene from The Force Awakens which features her signature wit. Check it out.

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This clip, which comes to us from Twitter, shows General Organa finally lightening up a bit. It's unclear how much Carrie Fisher's final line in the scene was improvised or scripted, but we got to see a taste of the actress behind the hair buns.

While it may be easy to wallow in the sadness of Fisher's death, there is another option: celebrating her life and career. Tons of Star Wars fans have taken the past few days to watch Carrie Fisher's work as Leia Organa in the space opera. Her most recent outing in this iconic role was last year's Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which saw Leia as a hardened General leading the rebellion.

Over the years, Carrie Fisher had been widely known for her quick wit in the face of Hollywood's ugly side. The weight of her massive celebrity status, as well as her extremely unconventional upbringing as the daughter of legendary Debbie Reynolds, have all been common knowledge which Fisher utilized during her writing career; both the one woman show and autobiography Wishful Drinking chronicled the actress' ups and downs in the limelight. The actress has also been a major advocate for mental health issues, helping to destigmatize the need for regular counseling and medication for those with chemical imbalances.

In addition to showing a more personal look at Carrie Fisher, the above deleted scene actually had a bit of weight in the larger story of The Force Awakens. In the scene, General Organa orders one of her associated to leave the Resistance base and speak to the Senate about the threat of the First Order. Alas, the First Order uses their new super weapon to destroy Hosnian Prime, instantly killing both the Senate, and Leia's soldier. In fact, the same actress can be seen as the bright red light approaches Hosnian Prime to kill them all.

Our thoughts are with Billie Lourd, Debbie Reynolds, Gary the Dog, and the rest of Carrie Fisher's loved ones during this difficult time.

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