The jury's out on 2016, as a movie year. Many jumped on an early bandwagon proclaiming this to be a disappointing year, and while the tide is starting to turn in the opposite direction as more and more critics release their end-of-year Top 10 lists, I tend to agree with the people who admit there was greatness released in 2016, but you had to dig to really find it.

With that in mind, my Top 10 took longer to finalize than is usual. Titles I contemplated that didn't make the cut include Nocturnal Animals, Star Trek Beyond, Hail, Caesar!, Everybody Wants Some!!, Green Room and Weiner. But when pressed to pick 10 movies from 2016 that I truly loved -- and planned to revisit often -- I could only cook up the following list. So dive in, and then tell me in the comments what your favorite movies of 2016 were:

10. Captain America: Civil War

It'd be easy to take Marvel Studios for granted. Fourteen movies into this grand, cinematic construction, the studio routinely releases exciting, emotional, humorous and lucrative blockbusters that please millions and show rival studios how this type of large-scale world building should be done. Except, when you look at the efforts of those rivals -- from Fox and the Fantastic Four to Warner Bros. and the DCEU -- you realize that weaving these blockbusters together is no easy task, which is why I appreciate Captain America: Civil War so much.

In addition to be a rousing trilogy capper for Chris Evans' expertly cast Star-Spangled Avenger, Civil War boasts the most moving parts of any Marvel movie before it, and directors Joe and Anthony Russo seamlessly tell multiple stories that affect the Marvel characters we've grown to love in so many ways. Civil War drove a deeper wedge between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, and the collateral damage of that broken relationship affected all of the Avengers. It introduced Black Panther and Spider-Man, and the worlds they occupy. It featured the MCU's most elaborate set piece in the Berlin airport battle, but made this Top 10 list because of its small character moments, the ones that remind me that we'd be wrong to ever take the MCU for granted.

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