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New Ghost In The Shell Still Shows The Major Ready For Action

Ghost in the Shell

A Black Widow movie may not be happening anytime soon, but that hasn't stopped Hollywood from trying to turn Scarlett Johansson into an action star. The actress is no slouch in the kickass department thanks to her time at Marvel and her latest action effort, Ghost in the Shell, will put her in the lead as the cyborg officer, The Major. We've got a new pick of Johansson's lead character, further proving that this isn't someone you want to mess with. Check it out by clicking here.

Thanks to Empire Online, we know have a new photo of The Major. It certainly doesn't reveal much of anything, but it shows The Major ready for some action, her gun and knife held at the ready. The character is seemingly on the hunt, perhaps on the lookout for some kind of enemy?

Ghost in the Shell is an adaptation of a popular anime series of the same name. Taking place in a futuristic world, technology has advanced far enough where it's possible to place someone's conscience mind into a robotic shell. Scarlett Johansson's The Major is a cyborg who has done just that. She leads Section 9, a militaristic cyber-terrorism unit tasked with stopping dangerous criminals. The film will take cues from the "Affection" storyline of the cyber-punk series, which explores The Major's past and whether her transformation was as willing as she remembers it.

Though the film promises plenty of exciting action, it's also "curious and reflective," Johansson told Empire. The actress is no stranger to playing "out of body" roles. She's played "a person without a body [in Her]" and now she's "a mind in a synthetic body." She promises that she will one day go back to playing a regular person with a brain and body together.

Ghost in the Shell is directed by Rupert Sanders and he promises that the film isn't going to suck. Sanders told Empire that "this isn't the shit Hollywood version." That's something he kind of has to say to get people to see the film, but one can certainly argue that casting a white woman in a typically Asian role wasn't the right first step in convincing people. Though the film looks beautiful, it has a lot of work to do to get on people's good side -- especially after the rumor about using CGI to make Johansson look "more Asian."

Ghost in the Shell is looking to hit theaters on March 31, 2017.

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