Watch This Bed Turn Into A Private Movie Theater, Then Dream About Owning It Yourself

As much as we love going to the movie theater, sometimes we'd rather stay home where it's more comfortable and less crowded. Now there's a way to do that without sacrificing the movie theater experience. A company has designed a bed that has everything needed for a theater experience built into it. Not only do you not have to leave the house, you don't even have to get out of bed.

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The bed is designed by a company called iNyx which, based on their Indiegogo campaign, is located in Warsaw, Poland. The iNyx bed, which was brought to our attention by the folks at the LAD Bible, calls itself the world's most advanced, and we'd have to say after looking at it, that may be the case. It's got all the bells and whistles one could possibly want in a bed. Most importantly, for the movie fan, the bed contains drop down curtains to eliminate excess light, and a built-in projector and motorized screen for watching movies.

That's far from the only feature of the bed, however. In addition, the canopy contains a series of LED lights that give you a "star field" effect, if that sort of thing might help you sleep. If you need a little more, the bed apparently also includes an aromatic system to give you pleasant smells as well.

Of course, what we care about is the home theater setup. The bed contains a five channel surround sound system. It would appear there's no subwoofer built into the bed frame, which seems like a lost opportunity. Although, since the information makes no reference to an AV receiver or Blu-Ray player being part of the bed, it's likely you'll need to provide your own, so adding a subwoofer should still be possible. The exact specs on the built-in projector are not included, beyond that it is HD quality, but according to the information, the projector can be replaced so that you can potentially upgrade over time, though one would expect there are some space limitations regarding where it's located. The projector screen would appear to be 76 inches wide, equal to a standard king size bed. It's not the largest screen in the world, but you're close enough to it that it will certainly feel larger.

If there's a downside to this idea it may be that. Sitting too close to a movie screen is never fun and even if you don't need to twist you neck into an uncomfortable position to see the screen, watching an image that large could be more exhausting than entertaining.

Of course, the bed also includes drink holders, large enough for an entire bottle of wine based on the video. The biggest problem that I forsee is spilling popcorn kernels in your mattress.

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