Watch The Princess Bride Get Taken Down A Peg In New Honest Trailer

Naming The Princess Bride a comedy classic is an understatement, as the film's prestige is not only well earned, but has lasted throughout decades of testing. And yet, as we've seen with plenty of lofty favorites that have come before, there's always an angle that makes it all look a little less perfect. If you're open to some good-natured laughter at the expense of the Rob Reiner classic, then prepare yourself for a very Honest Trailer below.

Who else but Screen Junkies would create such a cutting look at a film that has been a part of pretty much every childhood since its release on home video. The Princess Bride, as peerless as the film is when it comes to fairy tale comedy, does have some elements that hold it back ever so slightly. Yes, everyone has a convenient catchphrase that they happen to use at pivotal moments, and yes, Peter Falk's voiceover would have made certain moments in the film funnier than they were intended to be. But perhaps the greatest element of trouble that's been staring us in the face all these years is the romance between Princess Buttercup and Wesley.

It isn't so much the romance itself, as the pair of characters actually do get to be quite sweet together. Rather, it's Princess Buttercup's treatment of Wesley, as seen in the video above, that has us a bit concerned. Now while this is a fairy tale, the whole looking down on the stable boy thing did get to some borderline cruel levels in the beginning of The Princess Bride. And somehow, when all is said and done, the princess's 180 from brat to beauty works, much like the rest of the film's charms.

Honestly, the reason The Princess Bride can still rise above the flaws that Screen Junkies picked out is simply because William Goldman's screenplay is that good. It's legitimately funny, it knows how to mock fairy tales and swashbuckling action, without going too bitter or too sappy, and the cast of comedy royalty manages to sell the film earnestly enough that you can believe anything it throws at you. Although, now that we have the prospect of Peter Falk's voice reciting random lines the next time we watch it, it's about time we watched this one again.

The Princess Bride is probably in your movie collection right this very moment. If not, you probably have a friend who has it. Throw it in the player, debate its merits, and have fun storming the castle!

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