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If you’re in the mood for a classic adventure full of love, laughs, and medievel action, then there really isn’t a better option than The Princess Bride. Over the last three decades, Rob Reiner’s classic fantasy tale has endeared audiences of all ages with its balance of whimsical comedy and action. However, what if The Princess Bride fell into the hands of a different director, one who decided to play the action and drama completely straight? As it turns out: it would have been pretty cool. Check it the fan made trailer below to see the classic adventure filtered through a modern, dark lens.

The updated trailer takes all of the humorous charm and wit of The Princess Bride and completely jettisons it. However, in its place the creator of the modern trailer has injected new levels of tension and drama previously unseen in the Rob Reiner classic. All of the iconic imagery remains intact, from the six-fingered man, Robin Wright's Princess Buttercup, to the iconic battle of wits, to the myriad sword fights. Rather than approaching these events with a whimsical, slightly satirical approach, the trailer plays them completely straight. We have to admit: the end result is a trailer that absolutely oozes with epic moments and a totally badass aura.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the fan-made trailer is the fact that it completely disregards the idea that The Princess Bride is a story a grandfather tells his son. By contrast, the original marketing for this movie aggressively embraced that fact in order to allow the film to stand apart. Check out the original trailer for The Princess Bride to see just how many creative liberties the new trailer takes:

Although it’s not the Princess Bride that we all know and love, it’s definitely an interesting take on the subject matter. It may be a family friendly movie, but the video showcases just how much dark material Rob Reiner was actually able to pack into the classic adventure. Considering the contemporary need to make everything dark and gritty, something gives us the feeling that if Hollywood ever decides to reboot The Princess Bride – don’t you even dare, Hollywood – that they could look to this trailer for inspiration.

All of you fans of The Princess Bride out there should give the video above a look. It maintains all of the things that make the original film so classic, while putting a new, modern twist on the affair. It's a great piece of art, but as long as Hollywood doesn't get any ideas and decide to remake The Princess Bride then we will be happy.