Princess Bride: An Adorable Little Kid Just Came Up With The Best Fan Theory Ever

The Princess Bride is one of those childhood classics that, no matter how many times you see it, you notice something new almost every viewing. Fan theories grow and thrive with these types of movies, and no matter if they're right or wrong, there's always going to be someone trying to justify or nullify the existence of these theories. Which brings us to a fan theory of just where The Princess Bride is going with its charmingly cryptic ending.

io9 ran a story today in which comic/graphic novel creator Larry Young detailed a theory created by his young son, Walker after watching The Princess Bride. In particular, this theory claims to be that in the universe of the popular Rob Reiner film, the story isn't just a cute bedtime entertainment... it's an actual history. Read the blurb from Young below to find out how:

So it's the first day of Winter Vacation, and the best way to start it off is to watch THE PRINCESS BRIDE. At the end, when Fred Savage asks Peter Falk to come back and read it again tomorrow and he has a little twinkle in his eye and replies "As you wish," Walker turned to me and said, "Oh, right; he's the last Dread Pirate Roberts and he'll give the mask to his grandson tomorrow" AND YOU BLEW MY GODDAMN MIND LITTLE DUDE.

After almost thirty years of fans swooning over The Princess Bride, memorizing its lines and its gags, and generally obsessing over the film... it took a young child to realize the biggest tease of them all? That's a pretty damned big happening, if you ask us. Not only that, but if the grandfather really is handing down the mask to the grandson, there's a big possibility that if there was ever a follow up sequel to The Princess Bride (besides the long rumored Buttercup's Baby novel that William S. Goldman wishes he could complete,) we could have seen some serious action as grandfather and grandson trained towards an ultimate battle to prove the grandson's worth.

Sadly, this is all just a fan theory, but on a scale of Pixar's "One Universe" theory and Bane just wanted to help Batman, this theory would have to land smack dab in the middle, along side the Stan Lee Is The Watcher theory. It's not out of the question, considering how fanciful the actual story of The Princess Bride is. The fact that the world outside of the book isn't that well-defined in the story kind of leaves the possibility more wide open than others might think. But at the same time, don't expect Cary Elwes to have dropped clues in his memoir about the making of the film.

Classic films make you think about them the first time or the hundred and first time you've seen them. The Princess Bride is definitely no exception, and with this new fan theory blowing up on the internet, it's only a matter of time before think pieces are defending it or defaming it. Now that you know of its existence, feel free to throw down what you think is true in the comments section. Meanwhile, The Princess Bride is available on Home Video now... though you probably already have a copy, and it's more than likely sitting between your copies of The Goonies and The Lost Boys. Looks like you're more than prepared for holiday break!

Mike Reyes
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