You might find it hard to believe, but Monster Trucks is a surprisingly good movie. At least, it is when you take into account the fact that it leans heavily on the formula of plenty of 80's and 90's kids flicks. So naturally, if you, your kids, or whomever you saw the movie with enjoyed Creech and Tripp's antics, then there's a good slew of material you could watch afterwards to keep the action going.

We'll start you off with a list of 10 throwback favorites of ours that capture the offbeat, yet lovable nature that Monster Trucks revels in. Some of these may be familiar, others brand new to you, but all worth an afternoon of popcorn and laughter.

*batteries not included

Back in the day, Steven Spielberg took a script co-written by first-time screenwriter Brad Bird and executive produced the film *batteries not included. That sentence alone should tell you why this is a favorite of ours, as both men are obviously kings of the family entertainment genre. The story of an apartment building being watched over by some adorable miniature spaceships, it's an 80's classic that barely gets talked about, but shines with charm throughout.

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