Justice League’s Ray Fisher Received The Perfect Gift From Henry Cavill

Of all the Justice League characters slated to debut this year, no one is more intriguing than Ray Fisher's Cyborg. Vic Stone has the smallest catalog of stories to pull from, so working alongside the other DC heroes becomes an immense challenge from a creative standpoint. Luckily for Fisher, it appears that Henry Cavill has lived up to his Superman reputation as a leader and a supportive ally. Cavill recently sent him an excellent gift to celebrate their work on the upcoming superhero movie, and Fisher posted a photo of the present to his personal Instagram. Check it out below.

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They should change the title of Justice League to Super Friends because it's pretty clear that these actors have developed strong rapports with one another. Henry Cavill was apparently able to get the back of Ray Fisher's chair from the set of the film and put together a generous package to honor his fellow superhero featuring a set photo, as well as a badass Justice League medal. The holidays may have been a few weeks ago, but that has to be one of the coolest gifts that Ray Fisher has ever received.

In addition to the back of the chair, the package also came with a personal note from Cavill. It says:

It has been quite the battle shooting this movie, but I could imagine no better people to have struggled alongside. Thank you all so much for your hard work, tenacity, and great humour! See you next time. It has been an absolute pleasure!

Based on the plural wording of the note, it sounds like everyone else may have received similar packages from Mr. Cavill. Leave it to Superman to completely melt our hearts; it's pretty clear that the guy isn't nearly as gloomy as the DC Extended Universe's version of the Man of Steel would lead us to believe.

At this point, I have a feeling that Ray Fisher could probably use all of the encouragement he can get. Cyborg is arguably the least iconic member of the legendary DC superhero team, and audiences are probably less familiar with him than any other portion of the ensemble. That presents him with the unique challenge of creating and defining the character in live-action. Such a task is no easy feat, so it's good to know that his other heroes are standing by his side.

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