Hyper-Violent John Wick Video Reminds You Everything You Need To Know Before John Wick 2

At this point, it's a fairly well-understood fact that the original John Wick was a spectacular action movie. Hopefully, this means you've seen it. If not, fix that. However, if for some reason you don't have time, a new video is available to summarize the important bits. Specifically, we're talking about the bits where Keanu Reeves murders a bunch of people. Check it out.

The new video from John Wick studio Lionsgate isn't solely focused on the death and destruction. It also sets up the beginning of the movie and the events that lead to said death and destruction. If somehow you haven't seen John Wick yet, everybody who dies in that movie, and there a lot of them, dies because some jackass decided it would be a good idea to steal John Wick's car and kill his dog. That guy was not smart.

It's at least vaguely important to be familiar with the events of the first John Wick as the word is that they do play into the setup for the sequel, John Wick Chapter 2. Of course, one of the things, outside of the great action, that the original John Wick did really well was create a world that felt like it had existed forever, even though we were being introduced to it for the first time. You didn't need to see John Wick's history in order to understand who the character was. The movie was able to convey that he's was the world's deadliest assassin simply by showing you the expressions on the faces of everybody else.

John Wick Chapter 2 will give us a bit of backstory on the character as the plot will deal with Keanu Reeves' character once again coming out of retirement in order to honor a blood oath he owes to a former associate. This oath will move the action from the United States to Rome, where he will once again cross paths with the Continental association, as well as other secret organizations that exist within the shadows. The sequel will co-star the likes of Laurence Fishburne, Common, and Ruby Rose, as well as see the return of Ian McShane. Considering how few people survived the last film, things aren't looking good for this all-star cast. Although, he'll be dealing with many more master assassins this time around, so perhaps the challenge will be a little more even this time.

We're as excited for John Wick Chapter 2 as we are for just about anything else coming out this year. The original film wasn't a box-office blockbuster but the word of mouth has made it a very popular film. There's a good chance the sequel will be able to put up some serious numbers. We'll find out when John Wick returns to theaters February 10.

Dirk Libbey
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