The untimely death of Carrie Fisher has left a void in the Star Wars universe that isn't easily mended. While the actor had completed work on Rian Johnson's upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII, her role in the franchise had been upgraded to a major player in the storyline at hand. So the subject of how Fisher's role in the future of the franchise has been a subject of much discussion, with Lucasfilm coming out with an official statement, stating that they currently have "no plans" to recreate General Leia Organa with any CGI assistance.

However, that's not to say that the issue is open and shut, as the company has not said that they had put the kibosh on using any sort of CGI procedures in the future. So obviously, the subject is, for the most part, still in play. It's something that does need a lot of thought before landing completely on one side or the other, and it's because of several important factors that come into play when evaluating Leia's current role in the Star Wars series.

But, at least in my opinion, it all leads back to one, definitive decision that should be made on the matter: with the permission of Carrie Fisher's estate, the character should be used to complete the story of Episode IX, and for the following reasons.

Her Character Is Too Important To Simply Write Out

As we previously discussed, the character of General Leia Organa has been expanded in her scope in the story of the current Star Wars trilogy. Nowhere was that more clearly stated than the two key scenes that were described from Episodes VIII and IX's storylines. With a big reunion with her brother, Luke, as well as a confrontation with her son, Ben Solo / Kylo Ren, these are obviously huge moments that need to be fulfilled in the course of the story ahead.

Now these moments could be given to someone else, or written around in some other way. But to be completely honest, Leia's too important to simply write out in an off screen capacity. She should be given the chance to close out her story on screen, and with the moments that were written for her character, as simply handing those moments off to someone else would be a waste.

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