New Hilarious Lego Batman Movie Video Delves Into The Dark Knight’s Life

The success of The LEGO Movie could be pinned down to a lot of different factors. But, for the sake of argument and this article, we're gonna lay it all on the feet of Will Arnett's portrayal of Batman. Argue as you may, he's the first one to get a spin-off film, and The LEGO Batman Movie ended up produced before The LEGO Movie 2. And it's all because the people want the Bat. At least, that's probably what this version of the Caped Crusader would have you believe, and his views on the upcoming film ahead are pretty outspoken in the latest video promoting it. But don't expect his voice to be the only one piping up as you watch below.

Warner Bros' YouTube channel released the latest video for The LEGO Batman Movie, and rather than taking the standard "actors talk about how awesome their movie is" approach to this featurette, they did something more fitting. In "Behind The Bricks," the characters that inhabit the world of The LEGO Batman Movie get to talk about how awesome they are. And really, who would know better than them? They're the ones that are living the day to day chaos of Lego Gotham City. Though depending on who you talk to, this movie's main theme is something different.

Talking to Barbara Gordon, The LEGO Batman Movie is about the new Gotham City. One where ambitious police commissioners looking to work alongside The Dark Knight himself are vindicated. Alfred, Batman's loyal butler, seems to think that the movie is about a butler's dream to be the best in his profession, as well as a touching story about an active superhero caring for the young ward he's adopted under his batwing. And then there's The Joker, who reads the film as an exploration of the nicer parts of his psyche, rather than the gruff antagonist all the other films seem to write him as. Jared Leto, we hope you're taking notes on this one.

But, of course, the opinion that shines the brightest (and the loudest) is that of Batman, who is nothing like his roommate Bruce Wayne. Naturally, those views see The LEGO Batman Movie as a movie that focuses on Batman's awesomeness, as well as the adventures of his biggest fans. All of those views are valid in their own way, and it's really up to the audience to decide which way they want to look at this movie. But the one point that can be agreed upon is the fact that trying to figure out what type of film this is will be part of the fun, as there's plenty of action, adventure, and emotional pathos to go around.

Whether you like your Batman as a vigilante, a father figure, a hero without equal, or as Bruce Wayne's much cooler roommate, The LEGO Batman Movie will be flying into theaters on February 10th.

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