Disney Fan Surprises His Girlfriend With An A+ Beauty And The Beast Proposal

The proposal is one of those moments in life that you want to get just right. If the object of your affection is a fan of Beauty and the Beast then there's really only one way to do it right and it involves a certain dress. Of course, since the iconic yellow dress that Belle wears in the movie isn't the sort of thing that they sell outside of children's Halloween costumes, that meant that this guy had to go the extra mile and make it


The name of our gallant proposer isn't given in the Imgur gallery and we know the girl only as Cara, but we can follow the events of the proposal perfectly through the image gallery that he put together. He actually made the dress for his beloved so that she could be wearing it when that special moment came. Based on some comments that the creator replied to, it appears he had literally never sewed a thing prior to beginning this project. Considering the how good the final product looks that's pretty amazing.

From there it was off to the periodicals room at an Iowa State library in order to propose. Again, we have no details here so we can only guess as to the reason for the admittedly odd location. To be sure, Beauty and the Beast has a connection to libraries, and Cara is apparently an aspiring librarian herself according to the comments, so maybe that's the reason. Also, most college libraries like that are so full of bookshelves that the proper library probably didn't have the open space or decent lighting that the periodicals room did. It's also possible that the building is of personal significance. Perhaps that's where they met, as they both went for the same piece of microfilm at the same time to work on completing research papers.

Of course, the most important question is, what exactly was she thinking when he presented her with this dress at the library and then told her to go put it on? We're wondering if the proposal might not have been entirely unforeseen after that. Still, the two of them look adorable together and she looks like a character out of an animated movie.

We're guessing that these two will be going to check out the new live-action Beauty and the Beast when it hits screens in a couple months. She's even got the perfect dress to wear to the special fan events that Disney is holding the night before the official release of the film. Our new sewing star has got a couple of months to make himself a nice blue coat to match so he can look half as good as she does.

Dirk Libbey
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