The Cool Way Disney Fans Can Celebrate On Beauty And The Beast’s Opening Night

Beauty and the Beast

Disney had a huge 2016 at the box office and the studio is looking to continue their streak into 2017 with the live action version of Beauty and the Beast. For many fans, however, simply seeing the movie won't be enough, they'll want to make it an event. Today Disney has announced a series of special screenings across the country to give the die-hards the first look at the new film.

Preview night screenings at most theaters start around 7:00 PM on the night before a film's official release. However, according to Disney, 590 IMAX and other large-format theaters will be showing the film at special 6:00 PM screenings on Thursday, March 16. In addition to being among the first audiences to see Beauty and the Beast, these screenings will also include special behind the scenes footage shown on-screen as well as a viewing of the new "Beauty and the Beast" music video with Ariana Grande and John Legend. Theaters from major chains like AMC, Regal, Cinemark, Marcus, and Wehrenberg are included, as well as the Disney-owned El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. You can see where your closest participating theater is located here.

In addition to the extra on-screen material, the fan events are also promising different giveaways and concession offers exclusive to those in attendance.

Beauty and the Beast is doing things a little different than the live-action remakes from Disney in recent years and rather than taking a different angle on the story, or simply making it a bit more dramatic, Beauty is truly a live-action version of the original animated musical. Considering how popular the original movie was, it seems that there is the potential for a huge audience that wants to see what real people and modern digital effects can do with the story.

It's clear from the film's marketing that Disney is promoting this one primarily to the existing fanbase. If you somehow have made it to 2017 without knowing what Disney's Beauty and the Beast is all about, the trailers have pretty much spoiled the whole thing for you. The only part that's being kept behind the curtain is the majority of the music. If you want to watch the "Be Our Guest" number or see the full ballroom dance sequence you'll need to buy a ticket.

If you're interested in checking out the special fan event, be sure to look around in case you have more than one local option. While all the showings are on large format screens, some are in 3D and others are not, so double check to be sure you can get the version that you want.

Fans of Disney can be a passionate bunch, as such, we would expect a very excited crowd attending these screenings. Be prepared for people singing along is what we're saying. For the non-rabid Disney fan, Beauty and the Beast will hit screens March 17.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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