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Star Wars Fans Are Getting Their Own Comedy, And No, It's Not Fanboys 2

The Line Kings Star Wars

You should never, under any circumstances, underestimate the enthusiasm and power of a real fan. Going one step further, you should definitely never underestimate the amount of passion shared by fans of the Star Wars universe. That enthusiasm has become well-documented over the years, and a brand new movie comedy, The Line Kings, is about to capitalize on that idea. No, it's not Fanboys 2, but it will unquestionably resonate with Star Wars aficionados all over the world.

A new report from Variety confirms that Leave It To Beaver's Tony Dow has officially signed on to direct The Line Kings. The upcoming comedy will center on a group of friends (and passionate Star Wars nerds) who decide to camp out in front on Hollywood Boulevard in a desperate attempt to win walk-on roles in a newly announced Star Wars movie. Eventually, what starts out as a simple promotional campaign quickly devolves into a Hunger Games-esque battle to take part in the franchise that bonded them together in the first place.

The core premise of The Line Kings should ring incredibly true to anyone who has ever waited in line for a highly anticipated movie, or spent any time at a Comic-Con event. Lines can be absolute hell, and they can become even worse when they're populated by rabid fans who will do everything and anything to come out on top. With that in mind, we can reasonably expect this film to hit all of the right comedic notes, while simultaneously hitting a little bit too close to home.

Geek and fan culture have become insanely prominent and mainstream in recent years. As film and television franchises have become more willing to dig deep into the more outlandish lore of comic books, sci-fi universes, and other cult classic properties, fans have started to come out of the woodwork. Arguably no recent piece of film has epitomized that idea more than the aforementioned Fanboys -- which follows a group of nerds trying to get their dying friend to Skywalker Ranch in 1998 in order to see a rough cut of The Phantom Menace before he passes away.

Fanboys has gone on to achieve cult status among fans all over the world for its depiction of Star Wars mania, and all eyes are on The Line Kings to do the same when it finally debuts.

We will keep you posted with more information about The Line Kings as new details are made available to us. The film is currently expected to begin production in Los Angeles this spring.

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