Jurassic World 2 Cast: Who's Signed On And Who's Coming Back

While we don't know a great deal about the plans for Jurassic World 2, the film has slowly been building up a rock solid cast. Between returning stars and new faces the movie looks to be trying to do new things as well as bring back the parts of the last film that people loved. While the total cast list is fairly small at this point, every name on it is a significant one. We're excited to see where it goes. J.A. Bayona, who is taking over directing duties from Colin Trevorrow, has assembled a great set of actors, check out the full list of known performers below.

Chris Pratt on Jurassic World Poster

Chris Pratt will be reprising his role as Owen in Jurassic World 2. In the previous film, we saw him as the handler for the Velociraptors. We're assuming that the new film will see him in some new capacity, because seriously who's going to let the park stay open following the events of Jurassic World? We're not sure how he'll top riding a motorcycle with his trained pack of attack dinosaurs, but we're excited to find out.

Bryce Dallas Howard in Jurassic World

The lead female actress from Jurassic World will also be back. The only thing we know for sure about Bryce Dallas Howard in the sequel is that she'll have much more sensible footwear this time around. No more running around in heels. Of course, since the movie will also star dinosaurs, there will certainly be plenty of running to do in whatever she ends up wearing.

B.D. Wong in Jurassic World

The final returning cast member, that we know about currently, is B.D. Wong who will be back as Dr. Henry Wu, the role he first played in the original Jurassic Park. When last we left him he was escaping the island via helicopter with the dinosaur samples that have been so highly sought after by others since that first film. We fully expect that this scene will be the one that leads us into our new film. Whatever is done with those samples will likely be the focal point of the new movie.

In addition to the returning cast, there are also several new actors joining the Jurassic World franchise, meet all of them on the next page.

James Cromwell

The newest casting news announced for Jurassic World 2 includes the most veteran actor of the cast so far. James Cromwell will be joining the film in an as yet undisclosed role. Based on Cromwell's age and veteran status we expect he'll be playing an important role, possibly as the head of In Gen, the company that has been working to get their hands on dinosaur DNA, and finally will, based on what we saw in the last movie.

Ted Levine as Buffalo Bill In Silence of the Lambs

Ted Levine is probably best known for his role as the serial killer Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs. He's played more than a few villains in his time so it's easy to assume that he'll be doing something like that here. However, as with every other new role, we don't have any detail so it's impossible to be sure that Levine will be playing along with his type or if he'll be doing something very different.

Toby Jones in Captain America: The First Avenger

Toby Jones was announced as having joined the cast of Jurassic World 2 several months ago. Jones' part is being called a "key role" but as we have zero details beyond that, it could mean anything. Of course, Jones has played the mad scientist before, and we expect that Jurassic World 2 will have its share of them, so Jones could easily be following in the footsteps of his Captain America character.

Rafe Spall in Prometheus

At the same time that Toby Jones joined the cast, Rafe Spall was also announced in another "key role." He also has a history of playing scientists, as his performance in Prometheus had him playing a biologist that thought petting cute aliens was a good idea. It's unlikely his character will lose an arm after he tries to pet a dinosaur, though we can dream, can't we?

Daniella Pineda in The Originals

Daniella Pineda is one of the fresher faces being added to Jurassic World 2. While she's done her share of films, she's probably best known recently for her television work on series such as The Originals and The Detour. Again, we know nothing about the part that Pineda is playing, but, since she's the only other woman who's casting has been announced except for the returning Bryce Dallas Howard, we're hoping the role is a significant one.

Justice Smith in The Get Down

Finally, we have Justice Smith, the newest actor of the lot, Justice Smith. He's only been acting on screen since 2012 and Jurassic World 2 will be his biggest film role to date by far. He likely got noticed by the Jurassic World 2 production team following his role in the Netflix series The Get Down. It's exciting to see so many fresh faces in the new film, as it means that the movie is likely going to be dealing with some significantly different material and not simply rehashing the events of the last movie.

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