The Unexpected Comedian Who Convinced Hugh Jackman To Retire Wolverine

Wolverine isn't a character that that is known for bringing in the laughs, but it seems that a world famous comedian had an enormous impact on Hugh Jackman's decision to walk away from the iconic X-Men role. In fact, Jackman recently made an appearance on The Tonight Show and admitted that a conversation with Jerry Seinfeld is ultimately what convinced him to hang up his claws after his work on Logan. Jackman explained:

I was just chatting with [Jerry Seinfeld] and I asked him, you know, why'd you finish after the ninth season? What was the tipping point? And he goes, look, when you're creating something, it is very important not to run yourself dry, it's not about finishing on top, but making sure, creatively, you still have something left, which propels you into whatever's next. I went home, and I said, 'Deb, this is it, this is the last one.' And then, the next morning, I woke up at 4 in the morning, and I recorded a voice message, with a really strong idea on what to do for the last one. And that was like 2 years ago. So, yeah... It was Jerry.

Jerry Seinfeld Doing Standup In Seinfeld

Hugh Jackman's recent comments during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon don't necessarily state that Jerry Seinfeld told him to hang up his claws, but a conversation shared between the two celebrities ultimately compelled Jackman to make the decision. It sounds like leaving was already at the back of his mind, and Seinfeld's comments about ending definitively and appropriately certainly resonated with him.

The Seinfeld finale has become somewhat famous in the years since it aired in 1998. Although it's not considered the best episode of the iconic show about nothing, it has developed an iconography for the way in which the cast and crew of the show opted to go out on their terms. The show was still incredibly popular when it went off the air, and everyone involved decided to end on a high note. That's a pretty important lesson to learn when you spend years inhabiting an iconic character.

Check out a clip from Hugh Jackman's recent appearance on The Tonight Show below:

Based on the stellar reviews that Logan has managed to garner so far (CinemaBlend's own Sean O'Connell gave the film a 5-star rating in his review), it seems that Hugh Jackman has managed to capture the glory of the Seinfeld finale. As of right now, the film has garnered an impressive 96% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and many are hailing it as the best installment in the X-Men universe to date. Ending on a high note clearly pays off.

Logan will hit theaters on March 3.

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