6 Questions We Have After Watching Logan

The following contains spoilers for Logan. Read at your own risk.

Logan is finally here and with it comes the end of an era. Hugh Jackman is saying goodbye to the role that made him a star, but while the film may be over, it still left us with a few unanswered questions. There are several moments in Logan that are referenced, but given little backstory. Others exist without explanation, and several simply have us wondering exactly how they're supposed to work.

Logan is a great movie and it's a fitting end to the character of Wolverine. We just wish that it hadn't left us with quite so many questions. There are the things we're still wondering about.

Hugh Jackman as Logan

How Exactly Did Eden Turn Out to Be Real?

The plot of Logan has Wolverine and Laura trying to make their way to North Dakota, because that is the supposed home to Eden, a mutant sanctuary. When they get there, it confirms Logan's fears that the place doesn't actually exist. However, apparently, there is a mutant sanctuary just on the other side of the Canadian border from the supposed location of Eden. That was a fairly lucky coincidence. Did everybody somehow know that the place in Canada existed? How did they learn this without the people at Transigen knowing about it?

Laura (X-23) in Logan

What's Going To Happen To X-23's Skeleton When She Grows Up?

Wolverine's mutant ability began to show itself at puberty and he had adamantium grafted to his skeleton as an adult. Because Laura was genetically constructed, her abilities manifested much earlier and they grafted the metal to her skeleton at the age of around 11. What happens when she gets older.? As Laura's bones grow, the metal is not going to grow with them. Either the metal is going to completely stunt her growth, making her the size of an 11-year-old for the rest of her life, or she's going to end up with odd gaps in her skeleton that aren't protected by adamantium. It's a good thing she heals quickly, she's going to be dislocating bones a lot.

Donald Pierce in Logan

Why Did The Reavers Have Metal Arms?

In the comic books, the army of Reavers led by Donald Pierce all have cybernetic enhancements to make them better soldiers. In Logan pretty much everybody just has a robotic right arm, and there doesn't seem to be much use for it. At no point does the arm show that it is capable of more strength than a standard arm. Nobody gets their windpipe crushed. It doesn't have any special mutant fighting capabilities. Why exactly was this "enhancement" decided to be necessary? As far as we can tell, it doesn't help them at all.

Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier in Logan

What Happened in Westchester?

More than once we are told that part of the reason that Logan and Professor Xavier are in hiding is because Charles did something terrible some years before in Westchester. Westchester, New York is, of course, the home of Xavier's mansion and his school. It's never explicitly stated what happened but the impression we're given is that Xavier either lost control of his powers, or actively used them in such a way as to cause a great deal of harm. It's implied that people died. X-Men team members died. Xavier feels guilty for whatever he did. This was clearly a major event, and we'd love to know more about exactly what transpired.

Richard E. Grant in Logan

How Did One Company Get Their GMO Modified Corn Syrup All Over The World?

We learn in Logan that few mutants are left in the world, as it has been quite some time since any new ones were born. Later, we discover that the real reason for this is that Transigen has been using a GMO modified corn syrup to suppress mutant genes. While it's true that corn syrup is everywhere, it doesn't all come from one place. The idea that a single company could get their corn syrup to become so widely used that no new mutants are appearing anywhere on the planet seems a little much. Also, lots of people really don't like eating GMO food.

children running in Logan

How Did All The Other Kids Make It To Eden?

All of the X-23 experiments are broken out of the facility by nurses and others sympathetic to their plight. One assumes that each kid had at least one adult helping them as Laura did. Yet, somehow, when we get to "Eden" all of the kids are there, and nobody else is. It's not surprising that some adult escorts may have died along the way, but all the other kids made it to their destination at least part of the way on their own? Maybe Laura didn't need Logan's help after all.

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