The following contains spoilers for Logan. Read at your own risk.

Logan is finally here and with it comes the end of an era. Hugh Jackman is saying goodbye to the role that made him a star, but while the film may be over, it still left us with a few unanswered questions. There are several moments in Logan that are referenced, but given little backstory. Others exist without explanation, and several simply have us wondering exactly how they're supposed to work.

Logan is a great movie and it's a fitting end to the character of Wolverine. We just wish that it hadn't left us with quite so many questions. There are the things we're still wondering about.

How Exactly Did Eden Turn Out to Be Real?

The plot of Logan has Wolverine and Laura trying to make their way to North Dakota, because that is the supposed home to Eden, a mutant sanctuary. When they get there, it confirms Logan's fears that the place doesn't actually exist. However, apparently, there is a mutant sanctuary just on the other side of the Canadian border from the supposed location of Eden. That was a fairly lucky coincidence. Did everybody somehow know that the place in Canada existed? How did they learn this without the people at Transigen knowing about it?

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