New Wolverine 3 Image Reveals A Shocking Look At Professor X

Yesterday was a big day for news surrounding Hugh Jackman's final turn as Wolverine. Today we got our first look at one his co-stars and, it's not a great look. We have received our first image of Patrick Stewart as Professor X and it doesn't look like the years have been particularly kind to him. Check it out.

Yesterday we learned a great deal about Wolverine 3 thanks to director James Mangold releasing an image of the script's second page. We know that the film is set much later in the life of the character. He's older and his powers are not what they once were. As such, he's turned to alcohol to dull the pain. So first, we learned that Wolverine is in a bad way. Today we discover that Professor Charles Xavier isn't doing much better. He's looking pretty bad here. Certainly, much of this is simply his age. However, some additional details that have come out have described the Professor as unstable.

Ever since it was announced that Patrick Stewart would be part of the last Wolverine film we've wondered exactly what his role would be. While the image doesn't give us any hints toward answering that question, it does make us wonder if Hugh Jackman won't be the only one saying goodbye to his famous role when the movie is over. With the Professor X role apparently in the capable hands of James McAvoy within the current X-Men timeline, there's no specific need for Patrick Stewart going forward, and if Professor X were to pass away by the end of this movie, we wouldn't be shocked.

The description of Professor X as unstable makes it sound like it isn't simply his body that's breaking down here, but his mind as well. If that's the case, he may not be much help to Wolverine in the story. However, we're assuming there's a reason he's in the film, so we may need to wait and see what that is.

In addition to learning a bit about the way the new film opens, we also learned that the title of the film is Logan. While the Logan name is the one most associated with Wolverine, we'd guess that even fans who have seen all the movies would have difficulty remembering that Logan was the name he went by. There's nothing about the name Logan that would tell viewers by itself that it's the name of a Wolverine 3. It would appear to be a possible call out to the Old Man Logan graphic novel, from which the new movie reportedly takes its inspiration, if not its plot.

Whatever the movie is called, we're certainly looking forward to seeing both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart take on these great roles once again. Logan hits theaters March 3, 2017.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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