The end of an era is almost here. Although Wolverine had been a popular Marvel superhero for years thanks to his comic book appearances and the '90s animated series, it was Hugh Jackman's portrayal in the X-Men movies that boosted him to new levels of popularity. The actor has stuck with the character through thick and thin, but that will end next year with Logan. Because Jackman's tenure is concluding, we're hoping that this spinoff ends with Wolverine meeting his demise.

Judging from reports and images released so far (not to mention the movie aiming to earn an R-rating), Logan will be be one of the darkest X-Men movies yet. Wolverine is going to be put through the ringer yet again, and even though he's been through a lot of rough situations before, it looks especially bad in his third solo movie. We've accumulated the best reasons why it would be preferable if he died by the time the story conclude, taking into account plot details and behind-the-scenes rationale. Let's kick off with an easy one...

Hugh Jackman Is Retiring From The Role

The most obvious reason to off Wolverine is that Logan will be the last time Hugh Jackman plays the character. He has played the clawed mutant in eight movies across 16 years, including his X-Men: First Class cameo. Logan will make nine. That's not just the longest superhero movie role tenure, it's an impressive streak for any actor to play a character for that long. Whether you liked Jackman's portrayal of Wolverine or had issues with it, there's no denying that he popularized the character for an entire generation, so it would be fitting it the character passes onto the great beyond as Jackman departs. Now some you you may reasonably ask why the franchise doesn't simply recast someone else in the role? After all, just because Jackman is retiring the character doesn't mean that someone else can't take over. Well, that's brings us to the next entry...

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