Emma Watson Meeting A Tiny Belle On The Beauty And Beast Red Carpet Is Beyond Adorable

Emma Watson has taken on the unenviable task of bringing a beloved animated movie character to life. On the red carpet premiere for Beauty and the Beast, the actress showed that she can be just as sweet and kind as the character she plays in the film. During an interview, Watson was introduced to a tiny little fan dressed as Belle, and it's just as adorable as you'd expect.

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The video comes from Access Hollywood but was posted by Javier Ponzone. In it, the interviewer introduces Emma Watson to a beautiful little girl who is dressed as Belle from the iconic dance scene in the movie. She's got a Beauty and the Beast book of some kind and Watson takes a moment to autograph it for her and she even makes a point to personalize it. It's not entirely clear if the girl really knows what's just happened. The kid looks a little mesmerized. It's possible that when she sat down to watch the movie she was blown away to realize she had just met Belle.

Emma Watson may need to get used to such interactions going forward. While the actress has already had to deal with passionate fans as part of the Harry Potter franchise, she is about to add Disney Princess to her resume. She's likely about to gain an entirely new set of fans. Among Disney's live-action remakes, Beauty and the Beast is by far the most closely related to its animated counterpart. As such, Emma Watson's Belle feels the most like an animated Disney Princess come to life.

Of course, how could anybody not find this little girl, apparently named Lyla, adorable? She really does look great in her dress. The only downside is that her parents probably won't let her read her Beauty and the Beast book anymore. It may be a few years before she realizes why.

While previous Disney adaptations have made significant modifications to the original animated source material, Beauty and the Beast does much less of that. If anything, it only adds additional material on top of the parts that you already know. Very little of the animated movie's story has been changed or removed. This will likely make the end result either exactly what you're looking for or it will be so much like the movie that you know that it just won't be original enough.

Beauty and the Beast is expected to make a massive amount of money upon its release. The bigger the movie is around the world the more Emma Watson may need to get used to signing Disney merchandise owned by little girls in princess dresses. It's something that the Belle found in Disney Parks needs to do and Emma Watson may turn out to be as much Belle as any one of them.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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