The Geostorm Trailer Looks Like Roland Emmerich's Take On The Weather Channel

Everybody has their particular genre of movie that they tend to enjoy. If your particular jam is the disaster movie, then it looks like Geostorm is going to have everything in it you could possibly want. The first trailer for the film is now out and it shows a world being ravaged by every possible weather disaster you could imagine. However you like to see your destruction, Geostorm has got it. Check it out.

Geostorm takes place in a world where global weather is controlled by satellites. You don't have to be a cinema expert to guess what happens to them. Either via hacking or malfunction, the trailer would seem to imply the former through the idea that "control" of these satellites is key, the satellites begin to go nuts and they start to cause all manner of weather disaster. We see tornadoes and ice storms and tidal waves. Everything goes completely bonkers. If you're a fan of Roland Emmerich disaster's like The Day After Tomorrow or 2012, then Geostorm would seem to be perfect for you.

The comparison to Roland Emmerich is far from accidental. Geostorm is actually co-written, produced, and directed by Dean Devlin, Emmerich's longtime production partner who has worked with him on several projects including the Independence Day films.. Now, Devlin has apparently struck out on his own to try his hand at the genre. It will be his feature film debut as a director.

The film stars Gerard Butler as the designer of the weather satellites. Apparently, the massive, disastrous, storm that attacks the world is part of some sort of conspiracy to assassinate the president, which makes Geostorm sound like another entry in the Olympus Has Fallen series. Apparently, saving the President's life is just what Gerard Butler does these days.

Still, the disaster scenes do look pretty cool.

Tidal wave in Geostorm

Geostorm has been a long time in coming to the screen. Test screenings of the feature were shown to audiences as far back as December of 2015 but the reaction was apparently so negative that the film went back to do massive reshoots. Reportedly, some entire characters have been removed from the film following the new shots. Jerry Bruckheimer was brought in to oversee production of the new scenes, which would lead one to believe that they needed to up the spectacle of the disaster movie.

For better or worse, Geostorm is finally on its way to screens so we'll see if this new version of the film is one that will resonate with audiences. Geostorm is set for release October 20.

Dirk Libbey
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