Exclusive The Belko Experiment Posters Introduce The Players In This Deadly New Game

James Gunn is about to take the cinema by storm with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. However, that's not the only movie he's got coming out this year. The other one is looking equally entertaining. Gunn wrote The Belko Experiment, which follows a collection of office workers as they fight to the death in order to save their own lives. The film looks to be just as funny as it is gory and we've got the first look at the new posters showing off each of our main characters.

John C. McGinly in The Belko Experiment

John C. McGinley plays the role of Wendell Dukes. Dukes is the second in command to the company's COO. He's also something of a creep. One gets the impression of a man who is absolutely terrified of dying and is willing to do whatever he can to survive. He's something like his character from Office Space though maybe even more socially awkward.

Michael Rooker in the Belko Experiment

Michael Rooker was almost certainly drafted by James Gunn to join his other film project. There's little information about exactly who Rooker's character is. His name is Bud Melks and based on his jumpsuit, which is orange in color images, he's clearly not a member of the office staff. Instead, he's a member of the building maintenance, which probably gives him an edge in the fight to the death. He knows the building very well.

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John Gallegher Jr. in The Belko Experiment

While The Belko Experiment is clearly an ensemble cast film, John Gallagher Jr. plays the film's more or less main character. He plays middle manager Mike Milch. Mike is romancing a co-worker as the film starts but he's the one that first notices that there's something wrong inside the Belko office building. Of course, once things go to hell, he gets caught up in it with everybody else.

Adria Arjona is the other Belko employee involved in an office romance. Her character is named Leandra Flores and along with Gallaher's character the two try to take a stand against the concept of murdering all of their co-workers. Based on what we've seen in the trailers, they don't have much of an impact. We're certainly being led to believe that Flores is in over her head in this environment. We're curious to see if she can hold her own.

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Finally, we have Tony Goldwyn who plays the role of Barry Norris. Norris is the COO of the Belko but he's also a former member of the SAS which means that he's not only able to kill if necessary, he's also perfectly willing to do so if that's the thing that needs to happen. He sounds like he's the type of guy who's ruthless in all things he does. He's probably a terrible boss too.

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