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Warner Bros hasn't wasted any effort in making sure Wonder Woman, the next DC Extended Universe entry, is properly promoted. The first trailer premiered at San Diego Comic-Con last summer, and the second trailer dropped in early November. Four months later and with three months to go until the movie's release, you won't have to wait long for another preview. It's been confirmed that the next Wonder Woman trailer will be released tomorrow, and to get fans psyched up for it, a quick tease of what to expect has dropped.

Rather than highlight Diana's heroics in Europe during World War I, this Wonder Woman trailer teaser shows the protagonist back home on Themyscira, the mystically island populated entirely by women. As commanded by Queen Hippolyta, a.k.a. Diana's mother, General Antiope, Diana's aunt, is putting the main protagonist through an intense training regimen. In order to make her niece into the best warrior on the island, Antiope isn't taking it easy on Diana, as evidenced by her continually swinging that sword. While Diana briefly loses her balance, her shining moment comes when she blocks one of the sword blows with her enchanted bracelets, which unleashes an energy wave that knocks Antiope clean off her feat. Impressive!

Even though Diana has already lived for centuries when Wonder Woman begins, she's also the youngest inhabitant on Themyscira, meaning it's up to Hippolyta, Antiope and many of the other women on the island to mentor the "girl." In this case, they want her to be properly prepared for the day she heads into battle. That day is coming sooner than any of them think, but it's clear that Diana is already showing potential, not only with her combat prowess, but by now she harnessed the power of those bracelets, albeit accidentally judging be her expression.

On the off-chance this Themyscira-based trailer teaser didn't get you hyped, Wonder Woman released a different teaser on its Facebook page that directs focus on Diana's time in Europe at the height of World War I.

Welcome to Wonder. New #WonderWoman trailer drops TOMORROW.

Posted by Wonder Woman on Friday, March 10, 2017

I have to agree with Diana; London in the 1910s does look hideous, especially compared to the bright and tropical Themyscira. Still, it's a good thing that Diana is there, otherwise Steve Trevor would have been struck by that assassin's bullet. From there, the action shown is stuff we've already seen in past trailers, like Diana beating up enemy soldiers and Steve flying a plane, but that may still be enough to get some of you excited for tomorrow's trailer.

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2. Let us know what you thought of both teasers in the comments below.

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