One Big Themyscira Mystery The Wonder Woman Movie Will Not Answer

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Themyscira is an extremely special place within the DC universe. Protected by the Olympian Gods of Greek mythos, the magical island is exclusively populated by the powerful Amazons, and while it's on Earth, it's also kept entirely separate from the world of man. This mystical nature demands a lot of questions about its representation in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, and director Patty Jenkins and her team will certainly answer many of them with the blockbuster. One question that the film won't be addressing, however, is whether or not the titular heroine will be able to return home after she leaves.

The immigration policies of Themyscira was one of the many things I was able to ask about when I joined a small group of fellow film journalists on a trip to London late last month to visit the post-production offices of Wonder Woman (a follow-up to my trip to the set back in early 2016). Project Liaison Anna Obropta and Patty Jenkins organized a presentation, footage screening and Q&A for us, and it was towards the end of the session that I asked about the possibilities of Wonder Woman returning home after she left. In addition to confirming that the movie doesn't return to the island once Diana (Gal Gadot) leaves with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), Obropta made it very clear that the blockbuster doesn't actually fully address that question, saying,

Once you leave Themyscira, we're not sure you can go back. We're not sure. Nobody's sure. That's a question that is raised in the film. You hear mother in the very beginning of the clip that you saw. She has had a farewell with her. And so she doesn't know if she can go back. And actually, I don't know either. Diana probably doesn't even know. Because no one's ever left!... I think this is undecided at this point. I don't think anybody has committed to anything in this film.

Because the action in the movie doesn't return to Themyscira once the titular heroine sails away, Wonder Woman is excused from not having a full answer to this question... but it is one that the DC Extended Universe will have to eventually address, and it will probably happen sooner rather than later. This is mostly because of how Wonder Woman is going to be tied to Zack Snyder's Justice League blockbuster, which is scheduled for release this November. Not only has it been confirmed that the movie will see the return of Connie Nielsen's Queen Hippolyta, but our own Sean O'Connell's time on the set of Justice League last year revealed that Themyscira will be the home of one of three extremely powerful Mother Boxes (the other two located in Atlantis and Dr. Silas Stone's laboratory). It's clear the team-up blockbuster is going to take the action back to Paradise Island, but whether or not Wonder Woman will be able to follow is unclear.

How would you like to see Wonder Woman's return to Themyscira handled in the DC Extended Universe? Do you think she should go back in Justice League, or would that be something better saved for a potential Wonder Woman 2? Hit the comments section below with your thoughts, and stay tuned for more about the film from our time on set and at the edit bay!

Eric Eisenberg
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