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James Bond 25 Just Made A Very Smart Move While Waiting On Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig as James Bond

For decades, new James Bond movies were about as dependable as death and taxes. Lately, though, the spy who loved us has been on shaky ground... which doesn't make much sense, since his films are about as critically acclaimed and financially sound as ever. Still, the future of 007 is ever shifting, though a rumored move behind the scenes may help bring stability, as word is that long-time James Bond screenwriters Neil Purvis and Robert Wade are coming back to pen the next chapter in the spy's saga.

Purvis and Wade have been around the Bond series since 1999, when they co-wrote The World is Not Enough with then-Bond Pierce Brosnan. They have been responsible for James Bond's rebirth with Daniel Craig, scripting Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre, which means they are 2-for-4 in the Craig era. But they clearly know Bond, so when The Daily Mail reports that they are coming back, we are not surprised, and also a little bit enthused.

The 007 film franchise could use a little stability as of late, and if Neil Purvis and Robert Wade are, in fact, penning the script -- a grain of salt must be taken, as this is The Daily Mail, though the news has made the rounds and is gaining steam -- then it's a foundation on which the next James Bond film can build.

What has been going on lately? Well, following Spectre, Daniel Craig's willingness to slip back behind the wheel of 007 Aston Martin has been in doubt. His quotes to the media on the Spectre press tour suggested that Craig would rather do anything instead of playing Bond again, though his interpretation (after the fact) suggested that he meant diving right back into 007 land was what he wanted to avoid. Well, years have passed now, and if Neil Purvis and Robert Wade are getting the band back together, maybe Daniel Craig has softened?

The other plot twist has been the demand, outside of the Bond universe, fans have been calling for an alternative casting move to bring James Bond into the next generation. Women replacements have been suggested. Minority casting has been suggested. There are a lot of people who want a crack at playing James Bond, but they need Daniel Craig to pass the torch.

In the Daily Mail article, they said that Daniel Craig is still undecided, though the suggest that he's leaning toward doing it once again. I don't see why not. He's still great as 007 (even if Spectre was nonsense), and it seems like a rewarding gig. We'll keep you up to date on the progress of James Bond 25, which will have a much better title than that by the time it opens in theaters.

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