The DCEU has struggled to find its footing since 2013. Zack Snyder's Man of Steel polarized Superman fans from the very beginning of this burgeoning superhero landscape, and each subsequent installment has continued that trend of divisive filmmaking. However, DC is poised to return to the franchise that started it all with Man of Steel 2 within the next few years, and now it seems that Matthew Vaughn may soon join the project to replace Snyder as the man behind Superman.

To help make sense of this development, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of reasons why Matthew Vaughn is the perfect choice to helm Man of Steel 2. Take a look at what we have to say on his matter, and let us know what you think in the comments section below. We have plenty of reasons to get to, so let's get started with one area that DC has struggled with over the course of the last few years.

Vaughn Can Effortlessly Balance Light And Dark Tone

The hallmark of a good Matthew Vaughn movie is a mixture of grim brutality with a playful sense of fun, and that sounds like a perfect mixture for a great Superman sequel set within the DCEU. Man of Steel 2 needs to be able to strike a tone that shows us how Kal-El has been affected by the devastating losses he has incurred in his life, while also depicting him as a hero who will do anything to make his adopted home a better and more hopeful place. We don't need that grim and brooding borderline anti-hero that we have seen so far in the DCEU. We need to see moments where the weight of the world genuinely rests on Superman's shoulders, while also affording him moments to crack a smile and inspire hope in the people of the world.

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