This last weekend saw a remake of Disney's Beauty and the Beast in a form that was remarkably close to the animated version that so many fans love so dearly. However, not everything in the new movie was taken directly from the previous version. The new movie saw a number of brand new things added to the story in the way of backstory and subplots. These additions filled in a lot of details but also led to some great moments that never took place in the animated version. As much as we will always love the original film, there are some great things that you'll only ever see if you watch the new live-action remake. Take a look at our picks in regards to the best original moments, below.

Belle's Laundry Device

One of things that the new Beauty and the Beast did was change Belle as a character from simply being "odd" to being outright reviled by her town. We watch Belle come up with a way to greatly reduce the labor of doing the laundry, so that she can spend more time reading and teaching another young girl to read. Both things put her on the outs with the rest of the town, leading them to destroy her homemade washing machine. It gives Belle that much more of a reason to look for her happiness elsewhere, because she truly won't find it in her little town.

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