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Why Beauty And The Beast Fans Are Waiting In Line At Disneyland For Hours

Disneyland is all about the queuing. There are queues for rides and queues to meet your favorite characters. There are queues to get into the parks, queues to order food and sometimes even queues to nab products. If you are wondering exactly what is causing the latest queues at Disneyland to form, it's none other than Beauty and the Beast. Or, more specifically, people are lining up for two hours to nab plastic cups that celebrate the recently released Disney film. Yes, plastic cups.

People are pretty obsessed with Beauty and the Beast right now, as evidenced by box office receipts. Regardless, this love of all things Belle and Gaston and the Beast doesn't just extend to box office receipts. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that people have been waiting in lines at Disneyland in order to purchase Beauty and the Beast-inspired tumblers that lit up thanks to a strobe light and featured a rose on the inside.

We have to admit, as far as cups go, the rose tumbler is certainly pretty cool.

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Clearly, it's not just any cup. It's an enchanted rose cup. And if you don't want to wait in line for hours at Disneyland, you can pay well over value for the $13 cup. In fact, on Ebay, we saw them already selling for between $25 and $81 dollars.

the enchanted rose in beauty and the beast 2017

It's a little hard for me to wrap my line around people lining up for a plastic cup souvenir. After all, isn't it enough that you can get the grey stuff outside of Be Our Guest in Orlando's Magic Kingdom these days? (Note: for a limited time the Village Haus is being turned into the Red Rose Taverne, which is selling the grey stuff. It's delicious! Actually, it's ok.) However, people have been known to queue for a lot of things that are stranger than an enchanted rose cup, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised about the lengths Disneyland-goers will go to to get their hands on one of these beauties. (See what I did there?)

Luckily, there's plenty of other Beauty and the Beast merchandise out there if you do want to nab something cool for your little tyke, or you know, yourself. In addition, you can totally catch Beauty and the Beast in theaters now. If you haven't caught the flick, yet, you may be in the minority, as the movie has already made a hefty chunk of change and counting, both domestically and worldwide. You can find out more about what releases are heading to theaters with our movies schedule.

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