26 years is a lot of time for a film to age, and as we all know, some films age absolutely horribly. Yet just as its title song implies, Beauty and The Beast is a timeless classic that left very little room for improvement. And yet, there were still some changes in the 2017 version that somehow worked even better than those of the original version of the film.

One of those aspects that outdid the original was, surprisingly, the ending of the movie. What was once a quick and easy resolution to everything that came before it, the ending of director Bill Condon's live-action remake was a more enriched experience that basically turned the ending of the film into something of a grander scale. The reasons why are pretty important, as there are several components that turned a Disney ending into a theatrical event.

Lefou Finally Has A Story Arc

In the original Beauty and The Beast, Lefou was taken out of action pretty quickly, and was never seen in the film again. Now for a guy that was palling around with our villain, that's kind of cheap, considering the sidekicks usually turn against the villain or get disposed of themselves. Not so with 2017's version, as Lefou not only teams up with Mrs. Potts, but also gets paired off with the man who approved of his makeover by Madame Garderobe. As if having the first interracial kiss wasn't enough of a ground-breaker, Beauty and The Beast now has a gay character, and he's been given a happy ending of redemption.

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