6 Big Power Rangers Stories The Franchise Should Tackle Next

It's morphin time. Dean Israelite's Power Rangers debuts in theaters this weekend, and we can already feel the nostalgia flowing. The film is a remarkable return to a beloved franchise, and it genuinely seems to set up some future adventures that will make any kid from the 1990s go wild. DNA from the Mighty Morphin series is plain to see from the first few frames of the film, but as fans of the Power Rangers lore already know: there's so much more to this universe than that.

Superhero franchises are known for going into ridiculous territory and culminating in some massive battles, and the Power Rangers films should be no different. With a fully fleshed out film series in mind, we have combed through the Power Rangers lore to pick out specific stories that future installments of Power Rangers need to adapt. Take a look at our list, and let us know what stories you specifically want to see adapted in the comments section below. Without further ado, let's kick this list off with a story that most of us can already see coming.

Green Ranger Power Rangers

Power Rangers: Green With Evil

At this point, there's almost no question that this is where the Power Rangers franchise is headed. The mid-credits sequence at the end of Dean Israelite's reboot perfectly sets up the introduction of Tommy Oliver, which means the "Green With Evil" storyline is just around the corner. In this version of the narrative, Rita Repulsa brainwashes Angel Grove newcomer Tommy and turns him (or her) into the new Green Ranger to kill our heroes. Eventually, the spell is broken, and Tommy joins the rest of his new friends as the sixth member of the team. Given the increased runtime of a Power Rangers movie, this would also be a perfect film in which Lord Zedd could receive a proper introduction.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ninja Quest

Power Rangers: Ninja Quest

The third installment in the Power Rangers franchise could borrow heavily from the Ninja Quest storyline from the original TV series, as well as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie -- as they're practically carbon copies of one another. In this story, the evil Ivan Ooze surfaces after millennia and proceeds to thoroughly wipe the floor with the Power Rangers and Zordon. In order to save their dying mentor, the Rangers go on a quest to acquire the power of the Ninjetti and enhance themselves to defeat Ooze before it's too late. This story could also easily incorporate the "White Light" storyline, which will see Tommy upgraded to the White Tiger Ranger once the Rangers acquire their new powers, new suits, and new Megazords.

Power Rangers Zeo

Power Rangers: Zeo Quest

Once Ivan Ooze has been vanquished, the Power Rangers franchise will see Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd team up with The Machine Empire in a brand new quest for dominance over the universe. In the face of these overwhelming odds, the Power Rangers will leave their Mighty Morphin abilities behind in favor of the enhanced powers of the Zeo Crystal. During this adventure, Jason will step down to become the occasional Gold Ranger, and Tommy Oliver will step in to become the brand new Red Ranger. The Zeo Crystal is more or less the central MacGuffin of Dean Israelite's Power Rangers reboot, so this adventure could generally be considered the end of "Phase 1" for the brand new Power Rangers franchise.

Power Rangers Turbo

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Although the Turbo series is arguably considered the weakest aspect of the Power Rangers lore during the Zordon era, it's still a necessary stepping stone towards completely fleshing out this franchise by introducing the villainous Divatox and setting up the conflict against Dark Specter in Power Rangers In Space. Primarily inspired by cars and a generally mechanic aesthetic, an updated version of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie could combine the intense automotive action of the Fast & Furious or Mad Max franchise, with the offbeat sensibilities of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy series. Beyond that, it would be a fantastic palate cleanser before things get considerably darker once the Rangers blast into space. That's where things will really start to get ridiculous.

Power Rangers In Space Andros

Power Rangers In Space

Once the Rangers blast off into space, they will meet up with Red Space Ranger Andros, as well as Silver Space Ranger Zhane in order to face off against the villainous Astronema -- who is actually Andros' long lost sister. Power Rangers In Space is often considered one of the best spin-offs from the Power Rangers franchise, and this dark sci-fi adventure will see them take on Astronema's team of "Psycho Rangers" as they search for the missing Zordon out in the vastness of space. Power Rangers In Space will eventually end with the team vanquishing the Psycho Rangers and discovering Zordon's location, only to set up the final installment in our hypothetical Power Rangers franchise: Countdown To Destruction.

Power Rangers Countdown to Destruction

Power Rangers: Countdown To Destruction

As the culmination of the Zordon era, this story will see every villain that the Rangers have ever faced (from Rita to Divatox to Astronema) band together under the guidance of the ultimate evil, Dark Specter. This is essentially the Infinity War of Power Rangers stories, and we will see every Ranger that we have been introduced to over the course of this franchise fighting tooth and nail to try and stop a wholly overpowering evil. It's as dramatic as Power Rangers stories get, and the film will culminate in Zordon ultimately sacrificing himself to "purify" all of the evil in the universe. There may be more Power Rangers movies after this, but Countdown To Destruction will represent an excellent way to cap off an era.

Dean Israelite's Power Rangers is now in theaters. Make sure to check it out and take a look at our 2017 movie premiere guide!

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