Recently, we learned that Fox has a frontrunner for the role of Cable in Deadpool 2. However, we're now learning that the selection process has been far from simple and many others were considered for the role, including one somewhat surprising major star. A new report is claiming that Brad Pitt was being considered for the part, and had expressed some interest in taking it. However, the current word is that things have moved on since then and talks with Pitt are no longer taking place.

Brad Pitt In Fury

The part of Cable in Deadpool 2 has been a much talked about role ever since the first movie clearly stated that the character would appear in the sequel. Since then, some stars have expressed interest in the role and a number of others have been rumored for the part. Most recently, Stranger Things star David Harbour was being mentioned in connection with Cable, while earlier this week the word was that Man of Steel's Michael Shannon is the current frontrunner. While either actor would be a solid choice, the news from Collider that Brad Pitt was also in the running is a surprise on several levels.

First off Brad Pitt is, well, Brad Pitt. He's one of the biggest stars in the world and he's somebody who hasn't previously shown much interest in getting involved in the superhero genre. While big stars have certainly made superhero movies, Deadpool was very much not that kind of superhero movie, so the idea of seeing an A-list star attached to that franchise specifically would seem to be more than a little strange. Secondly, the role of the massive Cable isn't the role you'd expect to see Brad Pitt in.

Of course, it's possible that both of these things were exactly what made the role attractive, for both the studio and the actor. How utterly bizarre would a movie have been that saw Brad Pitt playing second fiddle to a foul-mouthed violence junkie in red spandex? Can we even imagine all of the fourth-wall breaking celebrity jokes that could have been made throughout Deadpool 2? If nothing else, the fact that Brad Pitt was once People's Sexiest Man Alive could have kept one joke running through the sequel.

While it doesn't appear the final decision on Cable has been made, everything we're learning here is that talks between the movie and Brad Pitt are no longer going on. While the possibility of seeing him back at the negotiating table is always there, that doesn't seem likely.

While the role of Cable is still up in the air, the film's other major new character, Domino, is on board as Zazie Beetz was recently announced in the role. Deadpool 2 is still without an official release date, but there's still quite a bit that we do know about the movie. Since nobody can start filming without a Cable it may still be some time before the merc with a mouth returns to the screen.

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