Disney Shared An Exclusive Born In China Scene That's So Adorable We Can't Take It

Born In China

Can one die from "Cuteness Overload?" Like, is that a medical condition? Because if it's possible, Disney might want to assign doctors to stand by in movie theaters screening the studio's upcoming Born In China. If this exclusive clip shared with us by the studio is any indication, the upcoming nature documentary from the Mouse House is going to overwhelm all of our feels, and having many booking flights to China so they can somehow bring back an adorable pet. (That's legal, right?)

The tenth film produced by the Disneynature shingle, Born In China is a John Krasinski-narrated nature documentary that continues the company's efforts to bring stunning natural photography to the big screen, showing off unique corners of our diverse globe. Previous titles in the Disneynature oeuvre include the such family-friendly and visually spectacular features as Earth, Oceans, Chimpanzee and Bears. Born In China expects to cover a wide array of indigenous Chinese species, including panda bears and golden monkeys to the elusive snow leopard.

And, of course, that adorable baby who is trying to balance on all four legs, just a few days after being born.


We saw a full trailer for Born In China recently, but I'll share it below in case you missed it.

Not cute enough for you? FINE. I also have a picture of a monkey playing with a camera, which I think is how Planet of the Apes started, so thanks for that, Disneynature!

Born In China, narrated as The Office star John Krasinski, is directed by Chuan Lu. And Disney already knows that it's going to be a hit. The film has been released IN China already, and so far has grossed $9.8 million according to BoxOfficeMojo. For a documentary, those are Marvel-level numbers.

Disney will test the waters on Born In China when it opens the documentary in the States on April 21. That puts the G-rated film in contention with the animated Leap! But it also puts it in the shadow of the behemoth known as The Fate of the Furious, so those panda bears better be pretty adorable if they are going to compete against Vin Diesel and The Rock.

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